Legs After Hours

Warmed up:
StairMaster 8 minutes
Speed Intervals.

5 sets of 10- 20 reps for 4 different exercises.
All Supersets.

Seated Leg Curl 5 sets of 70lbs x 10 reps  followed by—–>
Leg Extensions 5 sets of 70lbs x 10 reps
Leg Press 5 sets of 90lbs x 20 reps followed by—–>
Calve Extensions (On Leg press Machine)
5 sets of 90lbs x 20 reps followed by —–>
Hack Squats 5 sets of 90lbs x 20 reps

Avg Heart Rate 161-191 MAX
Calories 601
time: 30 minutes

Could you tell my heart wanted to pump out my chest like a wild bird trapped in a cage?  LoL!  Oh yeah!  But surprisingly I had things under control fairly well.  Hard work pays off.  I’m getting better at controlling myself when my breath is out of control.  Either that or my heart is better at stabilizing itself. Either way, I’m at a good place! 😉

Training Reflection –

I knew this was going to be a pleasant workout because it was Friday.  I was amp to workout since my last session happened to be on Monday.  Now was the time.. it was New Years Eve and while everyone was celebrating or relaxing at home I decided to lock up the gym and workout after hours for 30 minutes.

What is it about Legs that make me want to puke not even midway through the session?  (Of course this question’s rhetorical!)  The StairMaster had my legs beautifully warm as a hand that passes on lukewarm water.  Throughout my Quads and Hamstring’s I could always imagine the blood bubbling like fizzy pop or champagne.

In general, I can’t stand the StairMaster.  I royally hate this machine.  Mostly because I’m completely fearful of this machine!  Ever notice what happens when you’re on a machine you’re afraid of?  Your temperature increases, your hands gets sweaty similar to those days of childhood when you hold your first boyfriend/girlfriend’s hand. Your body pulses crazily, you can almost hear it.  And for some reason your heart shoots up double your normal rate.  My entire body locked up and became tense like if someone was about to stick me up with a gun.  My body parts were getting stiff.  But mind over matter.  Mind over matter.

Why am I scared of the StairMaster?  A little has to do with the height and the rest has to do with my shoelace and the tip of my sneaker getting caught in the step itself as it rolls on by like an escalator.  While I’m on it I refuse to take my hands off the railing.  I support myself, but am very uncomfortable doing so.  The funny thing is my triceps pop out from how frighten I’ am of even falling backwards.  Still I never use my arms to prop myself off not using the step properly and to handle the business.  I step and have my glute and legs perform the action the way it’s intended.  The bitches become activated and all is great with the world. 😀

Started on the Seated Leg Curl.  Then quickly hopped on the Leg Extensions.  Good momentum.  Good easy burn.  And by the time it came to the 2nd set of Seated Leg Curl since I wasn’t taking any time to rest, I was starting to feel the heat circulating like mad in my hamstrings and adductors.  Going at a good moderate pace and holding the contraction for a good 2 count and releasing was doing justice.  By the time I got on the Leg Press machine just looking at the 45lbs plates on each side sucked balls. I’m like first we did 10 reps a piece.  But here we gotta go for 20 reps.  Okay. Doesn’t matter that we’re on our period, “Let’s do shit!”

After repping out the 1st set, I went right into calve extensions on the Leg Press machine.  It’s been a while since A) I’ve done calves and B) Since I’ve done calve extensions on the Leg Press for 20 reps a piece.   Feels like ages!!  Then I repeated 4 more times 20 reps.  I had to pause a few times in installments of 5 at times, the burn was wicked and I didn’t want to compromise my form in the least bit.  I never shaked off the feeling, I made sure to keep the tension on my muscles, never locking out or anything.

Up next was the Hack Squat and looking at this machine, well let’s just say I don’t like this one!  All my memories of this machine is just how complicated and short I seem to be to unlock it first on my tippy toes and then to lock it when I’m done.  Not to mention that for some reason I’ve always hurt myself and strain myself a tiny bit, seems it never fails and I notice this the next day.  So looking at those 45lbs plates weren’t helping again!  Haha!  All I kept saying is, “Can I perform 20 reps in a row?” This was just the first set and I had five to perform after every Leg Press set.  😮  I got it done!  And no injury from the Hack Squat.  What a great report!

Just to finished off with the leg stuff, just for the hell of it I set up a Stepper and rocked out performing some Steps ups while doing bicep curls to shoulder press with only 8lbs for 4 sets.  My delts were flaming and my heart was up the roof.  And my partner for the night, a trainer, shit I didn’t even realize he was there doing  all this shit with me.  THE ZONE BABY!

Tonight’s words to hear by is: “The longer rest you take the harder your teammates work. That’s how you have to look at it.”




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