Frustration Superficial

Walking into a GNC or Vitamin Shoppe is a very bad thing for me!

Simply because these are the places where all these supplements are being sold off the shelves, mostly, for people who are into themselves – vanity.  These supplements, for the most, are geared toward gym rats, fitness enthusiast and models.  A place for the superficial.  The person who desires to LOOK a certain way to keep, get or want to get into the business of (their own) Fit Body.  And as much as I want to say I don’t go in there for that (which is to look good) well, that would be me just lying!

I’m as shallow about my appearance (and other people’s appearances) as the next typical and common person would in the world.  (And those who say they don’t care about their appearance is a natural liar, has already had plastic surgery or has already achieved the desirable look they’ve wanted themselves.) That’s me!  I also happen to be a Scorpio, the wonderful horoscope sign.. one of the most vain motherfuckers in the zodiac!

A good example is when I step into the gym, I usually pick out clothes to workout in a day or two before the day I’m going to train.  I have this thing where I want to look presentable for my mind to be at ease.  So whatever shirt, shorts, fit, sweat pants I put on I feel Powerful in.  I don’t pick out clothes in advance to look good for others.  I only care about myself and how my mind feels!  (And let’s say if I was trying to look good for other gym goers I would wear things to entice like 80%-100% of the time.  Would be simple too because I’m a female. ^^) Mentally Scorpios love to look good.  If we don’t feel we look good it fucks with our state of mind.  Are you the same? Shit is what it is.

And this is what ties in to my…frustration….

Walking into GNC is a reminder of what I’d like to become.  A fabulous, physique work of art with the muscles chiseled, etched as I walk and strut myself to the globe.  All my hard work come to life!

And the key words are: “HARD WORK.”

It’s a frustrating situation to work hard, work intense and I guess in knowing this… NOTHING ever seems to be ENOUGH.  Minimal changes happen over a length of time.  Try years.  And sure you can see results from years ago, but when you look at the overall picture, you feel like you’re in the same boat…no matter how far you came…from…the frustration..whatever changes you seem to make,, it only seems like it’s little by little.

Which reminds me why people who have a lot of money and don’t know what to do with it,..those who are FAT/obese and have money…well they have it the easiest in the sense that they can buy science, coaches, people… who could get there faster and not have to waste poor time on trial and error.

So a part of me wants to just not give up, but buy supplements to reach my goals faster.  Many Fitness competitors take supplements.. Fitness Models and athletes.  So why not me?

I’ll just for the most part keep doing what I’m doing anyways..just changing up the training program, entering more cardio and endurance base exercises, minimal rest, supersets, giant sets, eating new things for my diet, variety is key.  Sometimes I just wish it wasn’t so much work..and the other shit is..

That’s the same beauty about hard work.  In hard work there’s beauty in itself.




2 thoughts on “Frustration Superficial

  1. There are days when you are just not going to feel it. I have those and sometimes I push through it and sometimes I say oh well. On the bad days, I remember that’s what separates me from others – commitment. And sometimes commitment just sucks. But nevertheless I honor it. However, when I really need to rest I do. I never push myself to the point where I might start to hate the process. As for looks, in terms of fitness results, I always say don’t judge your results by what you see in appearance. That is perception. Why does it matter that is perception? Well because we are all harder on ourselves that we probably need to be. We perceive things to be worse than they are. We rob ourselves of the credit we deserve. On those days, I say look at the difference in your level of exercise. You are probably lifting more, doing more advanced exercises, have a stronger core, better flexibility, etc. Those are scientific measures. I’d try concentrating on those things. You probably already know this love but just in case I thought I’d post.


  2. You’re right. Thanks for the suggestions, the raw advice from someone who understands! 🙂 It’s worth listening to over and over again.

    I will do my best to get into the habit of jotting down all types of measurements.


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