Object Friend


I used to be this lady..smiling!  Before I knew the harsh reality would bite me at any age, before being naive had to be replaced by utter intelligence, before re-learning this once again this year, that in those dark corners betrayal was waiting for me in between the benefits of doubts.

There are many men in the universe I’ll never forgive for having the nerve to put me in a category that is just as much bullshit as the relationship between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.  The category is:  Friend.  Yet, the agenda is quite different!

It seems to be, in America with the culture we live in, it’s fine to be a hypocrite.  Ask the politicians.  Ask the homeless man.  Or the NYPD.  It’s fine to play the horrible parts of being a human as long as you don’t get caught during the act or after.  I mean, America teaches us this!  The land where people are amused and completely fascinated by the world of serial killers of our time.

It’s not a wonder why people love to drink  that drink called Capitalism.  This is the drink they most prefer.  The majority of people love to go with the tide and hate to ride against the current.  But I believe “pretending” is plain ol’ stupid when it comes to building rapports, building relationships and especially building friendships!  Unlike most people, I tend to take the word and the definition of friendship very seriously.  I’m much more loyal to my friends then I am my men/boyfriends!  (This is just me.)

What befuddles me however is just how most people would simply choose to be a part of the crowd rather than chose to be an individual.  Everyone has a choice to be an Individual!  Strange how people are ashamed to stand alone and own their mind.  With this said:  Why can’t men take on a higher road?  Why is it every Single, attractive woman are good enough to take out on special events and share feelings with, but aren’t good enough for a title like:  Friend?  Why would a man go through endless depths of silent torture, be willing to belittle himself for years, climb upon mountains fighting his raging hormones in order to be able to get close to his “object-friend?”

Those hopes, those dreams, those fictitious visions…
The dead end street..

He can hear those words he’s been longing to hear forever from his “object friend” but not his “male friend”… “I want to FUCK you!”  He’s been waiting patiently for the right time, your vulnerability, the entrance to your weakness as he preys like another Times Square stalker.  Just the same as a manipulative and immoral serial murderer.. he’s been around for those final words.. so they would make his vision reality.

And what is wrong with this picture?  Everything.  But the one thing that bothers me the most is how people take advantage of a situation, hide their agenda, are willing to lie in the face of your/my own moral ground.  Since when did it become morally okay to betray friendships?

I don’t respect any man or any person who does this to me or to any other person in the universe.  Fuck these benefits of doubts I carried on for so long because a small part of me has a heart of humanity.  People are far shittier than they seem to appear, far shittier than the shit I step out on the street.  Believe that!



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