I’m a big believer in helping people in general.

I’m not sure where this originated from.  Part of me just naturally gives to give.  Most of the time, if not all the time I expect nothing in return from the person I’ve assisted.  And because of this I believe life has opted to blessed me how it sees fit in every aspect of my life.  And I may not get everything up front whenever I ask, but I do receive when it’s needed.  Which is all I could ever ask for.

I get a lot in return from life even if I barely receive it from people.

I’ve always had bad luck with most of the people I’ve come across who are in the Fitness Industry.  Before our principles are even shared, our beliefs systems and what makes us different.  Bodybuilders, Figures, Fitness Enthusiasts and many Personal Trainers never want to help others get across to their main goals if they can’t gain anything in return like money, some kind of favor or exposure of some sort.  This is the way the cookie has crumbled in my life thus far.

The bright side is I always believe in natural karma coming my way even if it comes unexpected like a good sunshine morning when one has expected the gloom of the gray day in the clouds to set forth.  And I’m so grateful and happy to have met someone quite fantastic on Twitter.  I’ll call her Letty.  She’s lovely, we get along and we share things.  Besides her life, her cooking, her day and the songs she’s become obsessive with.  She shares vital information with me.

Vital being:  Supplements!

I’ve been flirting with the idea of Supplements for a long time.  And especially during this time when my nutrition has taken a break and I feel like this part of my motivation is fleeting and going quick!  Of course, the fear factor has paralyzed me from furthering my curiosity over the years.  Could be a good thing?  For as much as I am open to trying new things just once or twice, I like to steer on the more healthy side.  I want to take the best fat burners, but I need to know which ones are mild.  I’m sensitive to caffeine.  Sure I want my ultimate body and I desire nothing but to look good and striated, but I also want to be safe.

Letty and I have passed over 47 Direct Messages earlier today.  This has allowed me to understand why she knows so much about Supplements.  She used to work in the Supplement industry, until naturally she fell in with Fitness and became a Personal Trainer.  Letty the smart cookie has been helping me in getting supplements for all my issues like bloating/water, DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and currently a common cold.  I’ve bought all the supplements she’s threw my way and they all work!

Hopefully later on today she’ll give me an entire listing of what works and what are the softer types of Fat burners.  I’m so grateful to her and am embedded.  I already have told her when the time comes she can ask for whatever assistance.  I’ve also expressed my gratefulness on many occasions.

All the times I’ve given to others in Fitness is finally paying off.  Perfect!



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