Dive Bomber Push-Ups

For those who may not be aware, I created a page on Facebook for me and my devoted friends of Fitness called Training Life Challenges. The whole purpose of this is to take one particular exercise and hone your skills while sculpting your body at the same time anytime, anywhere with no gym or equipment. There’s a goal everyone has to hit surely. But I don’t expect everyone to hit the Month Number. So they must create their own goal for themselves. It’s a fun, upbeat and energetic page, still growing. Not to mention the support system is fabulous. We all contribute something different whether it be exercise tips, healthy links or humor. πŸ˜‰

I started this page in October 10′. Now we’re in January 11′. And to open up the New Year I wanted a Total Body Exercise that would intimidate and build mental toughness. So naturally I brought in on of the meanest, baddest Kings around: Dive Bomber Push ups. (The goal number for the Monthly Challenge is 2000. It’s to be performed by the ending of the month.) And did the intimidation factor work? Bet it did! Let’s just say that most of the members decided to opt out for their own reasons. And I’m yet to wonder if it was because of this exercise or because they have other errands to attend to in their ever so busy lives. However the rest of us are either trying to give it our all or ARE performing this shit right to represent.

Now I’ll be honest, at first, I was intimidated to try this exercise. I was procrastinating for days. But I always know better and I quickly started to focus on the rewards I’m going to get like better core strength and endurance. Now I go through this cycle every single month (and typically with my own training sessions) where I tell myself start small with reps. Do not OD!! And I’ve yet to listen. So my first time I popped my exercise cherry with these Divers. I performed 100 ..and in I’m not sure what time. I didn’t clock shit this time around. Now since I tend to flip a switch in my head so I feel no pain during an exercise, I continued to press through til I hit the 100 reps. And the next 3 days I paid a good price for it.

I had to heal for a few days. It hurt, not my muscle, but what seemed like my spine. Just sitting upright on the bed or on a chair hurt. It felt disastrous! *shivers* What a fucking wake up call! Now I’m aware that maybe this will be the only exercise I’ve known of so far to break me down in the Challenge up to this point in time. I could only do 10 reps at a time. And I can’t crank them out to failure and beyond like I can with push-ups. This hurts my pride, but this drives me to push more. I’ve decided repping out to 100 in one shot isn’t the best thing to do. So I now break up the 100 into sets of 50 early in the day and the rest of the 50 at night. And I would be lying if I say I can do 100 every single day too. I can do 50 everyday, no problem! I can’t for other training sessions, other challenges and needing recovery calls attend to 100 reps every single day.

This is the hardest Challenge yet! I think most of the others knew this. And I mean, I knew this, this is why I wanted January with a bang. But this exercise feels like complete assault. I’m not used to ANY exercise giving me a beating. I’m not used to any exercise where I have to steer caution and be type high with control. I’m wondering if I can make it to 2000 by the time this month ends and the new one begins. So far I’ve gotten much quicker with the dive push ups but it takes every precious ounce of me. Heh.



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