Performing 200 rep backward lunge to front kicks were ultimate.  I knew my excitement for the challenge wouldn’t disappoint.

Today is the second day of the DOMS and I have to say it feels beautiful.  Sure, I do, have a love/hate relationship for the bountiful soreness that reminds me of the damage I’ve done to my body.  But those are few and far in between.

With every step I take I feel my aura grimace and my subconscious sneer. When I actually take a 40 degree step up or down the staircase I could almost sense and visualize my muscles breaking like splitting hair and tight fibers.

I feel victorious in my battle over a long stretch of a 45 minute leg action session.  No tears.  Just sweat.  Sweat on my neck, my arms and palms.  Just focus.  Some pain.  A little burn.  With each rep I had a mental precision as if I were performing in an auditorium full of elites.  Nothing could deter me.  Nothing!

And this is why I get physical.  Why I train wholeheartedly.  Why I show my body who’s the boss.  I control my mind state!  I structure, develop and sculpt my muscles and my curves!   I enhance all that’s been given to me through genetics.  I’m selfish.  I take everything and I run with this training life!  I live!  I’m strong!  I’m devoted to the feeling of being empowered.

In other words, I’m addicted to myself.



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