Time For A Change

Since January rolled on in without my full awareness, I have not went to the gym to pick up ferocious weights. No dumbbells. No barbells. This saddens me of course. But I’m testing things out.. for the infamous trials and errors are forever at my beck and call.

A few sources have come to my attention and whether its true or not bears an influence on my mind.  And that is, if I want to bring my body weight down lifting heavy may slow this process down even if I’m performing higher reps.  So it’s time for a bit of a change.  Why not?  Nothing ever changes if one remains the same.  And there’s nothing better to teach this lesson but in fitness and training.

What I’m planning on doing is changing the course as I know it.  This will continue for a little while, maybe 2 months or until I officially break and go crazy for my metal steel weights.  We will see people!

I will take this time to devote my focus, determination, passion and tenacity to body weight (total body/full core) exercises using super high reps with a slower than normal tempo.  I want to bring my body-weight down.  I want to be agile.  I want to work on my cardio endurance work without doing too much steady-state cardio or be on any cardio equipment, if at all.  Most of the stuff will be at a much more higher intensity then I’m used to.  Probably why I’ve been developing more exercise headaches then ever before in my life.  Things will seem like a never ending safari of conditioning.  But this is good and out of my realms.  So my body will probably respond very quickly.

I want to work on building a stronger heart.  I want to control my body very well.  I have already became much better with jumping and engaging my abs thanks to total body exercises and working as one unit with my body as oppose to working on isolating or compound exercises with barbells and dumbbells.  I want to continue to feel as light as a feather.  So far I’ve been feeling reallly light.  I want to be different than all the rest of my friends who train as well, as usual.

Finally with as much as I love weight-lifting, wrapping my hand around the cold steel and being ever so in love with the power of empowerment from repping, I know I can always come back.  I will be embedded to it always and it’ll be my first love always.  And although I have a hard time thinking about losing strength I will not allow it to get in my way.  My strength will grow in many different ways.

Just yesterday I broke my workout and ran for the weights during my break.  I lifted for biceps, triceps, shoulders and back.  It felt so amazing!  I felt on top of the world.  The headache I had for 7 hours that day went straight away after that lifting session!  And in that moment I was fueled with power, energy and pure happiness.  So I may keep a weights day in for at least 1-2 x a week, but moderate weight and higher reps.  Only supersetting, circuit style or giant sets.  Nothing less than that.

And I’ll see how it all pans out.

I’m pretty smart,


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