Imagine if I threw in the towel for every small trivial and obstacle that came my way for the Training Life?

Imagine if I kept at my misery of 210lbs?
Imagine if I never practiced on eating cleaner?
Imagine if I never had a love for muscles and curves?
Imagine if I never learned to enjoyed water
and the extra calories it doesn’t give me?
Imagine if I never thought I could diet?
Imagine if I despised working hard?
Imagine if my willingness was weak?
Imagine if every time I felt tired I skipped my workout?
Imagine if every time it rained outside I skipped going to the gym?
Imagine if I allowed my headache to dictate not working out?
Imagine if I didn’t re-motivate myself with
Fitness Magazines, movies or role-models?
Imagine if I was fine with being average?
Imagine if I was fine with lots of cellulite?
Imagine if I listened to everyone who said your genetics aren’t good enough?
Imagine if I wanted to look as heavy as everyone else in my family?
Imagine if I only preferred things to be easy?
Imagine if I gave in to every craving when it arose?
Imagine if I gave in to grandma’s and friend’s food offerings?
Imagine if I didn’t have self-control?
Imagine if I never gave up soda, fruit juices or fried foods?
Imagine if I didn’t thrive on my passion for Fitness and Training?
Imagine if I never educated myself?
Imagine if I never thought outside the box?



2 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. Imagine if everyone thought the same?
    Imagine if you never tried something new?
    Imagine if the world accepted people for who they are?
    Imagine a world without racism?
    Imagine we never imagined anything?

    Imagine, a word that the human spirit has proved time and again throughout history that we always imagined something is possible. For if you don’t imagine, you don’t do anything.

    Nice post. Take care Alan.


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