You Have To Have Good Work Ethics


And you have to like to perform and work hard!

It’s that simple with the Training Life.  It’s not only about looking good and eating healthy.  Most people miss the mark with what’s truly needed to keep on going steady, day in and day out, year after year for working out.  It’s passion, determination, being accountable, self-motivation, tenacity, attitude, competition (with yourself or with others), defeating the constant negative talk with positive, seeing your vision, believing it, making it come true, having great work ethics, a form and an agreement with willingness, practicing discipline, making perpetual decisions, going through trial and error, frequent mantras/quotes to stimulate and re-motivate, dedication and much much more.

I don’t believe that only certain people have a good knack for being a hard worker than the next.  That some people are genetically built better or more suitable for it.  Nope!  That’s just a bullshit excuse on getting out of a hard-working situation. Look at how hard certain immigrants work to make their American Dream come true!  And look how lazy some Americans are never making their Dream for fear of success, for being comfortable in the known, rather than the unknown.

Do you think all the Figure ladies and Bodybuilder men made it on stage because they were genetically gifted?  Yeah, right!  They fought hard.  This is why many of them may appear as if they aren’t humble.  They WORKED for it!!  Besides work ethics and liking to perform’s about courage, about manifestation.  It’s all about how much willingness you have in the palm of your hand.  How far you’re WILLING to EXECUTE the plan.  It’s all about how much you’re willing to sacrifice for the greater good.  YOUR GOOD!

There’s no fucking secret!

Some people just happen to take things more seriously than others, whether it’s a career, a Fitness regimen, wanting to be the best mother/father in the world or being a great professor.  Everyone has their own thing.  But overall, it’s about the effort, the work, the sweat, the tears, the philosophy, the principles behind each and every one of those magnificent things.
Wouldn’t you agree?

I once had a female friend of mine hit me up on Facebook who saw my profile photo and instantly liked it.  She inboxed me and asked me, “I’m so jealous, how did you get your waist to look so tiny and your back to look so good?”  I told her, “Hard work. What you see in this photo is hard work, trial and error and the illusion of working on your best assets on your body.”  I gave her tips on what to do, how she can do it, etc.  But did she ever do it?  No!  Why?  Because the average person rather stay average by being lazy.  And that’s okay with me especially if that’s okay with you!  But as long as the average person can find comfort in being average, then that’s how your mind and attitude will be formed.



2 thoughts on “You Have To Have Good Work Ethics

  1. I am so glad you posted this link on Facebook. I am going to enjoy reading this and getting to know something closer to the real Pennington


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