Cardio: Intervals

(Written Yesterday)

It always amazes me when my muscles hit a new level and are quicker to contract altogether and engage thoroughly.  This is the best!  I look forward to this each and every day.  Yesterday early day I woke up blessed and hyped:  Looking to set on a cardio adventure, looking to unleash such an abundance of Ms.Hall’s energy, looking to spread Fitness seeds!  I got to work (gym).. and before commencing my receptionist duties I HIT IT!

Before ever stepping into the acres of gym world, I’m a big believer in mentally preparing oneself to get your mind and attitude right.  I slipped into the right type of workout attire:  A used and beat up Superman Logo on my chest, sleeves cut for tank appearance.  Knee length faded black shorts that are a mix between tight and relax comfort.  (Truthfully, they’ve gotten pretty baggy on me.)  But this makes me love them more!

The next mental preparation candy is no other than rock music on my way on the train with the roaring afternoon crowd in New York City:  Audioslave, Pearl Jam, REM.  These get me on a roll with drums, guitars, lyrics and riffs that give me kicks!

All this mental shit going on you may think I have my cardio regimen for the day, right?  Nah.  I didn’t have no plans on how long cardio would be.  If I were going to perform slow and steady state cardio or intervals.  If I wanted treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical.  I played it by ear.  I had a good and mighty breakfast.  So I was looking forward to burning through the carbs, fruit sugars and veggie sausage.

Being indecisive of which cardio equipment I wanted to use, looking where the pack of cardio hamsters were at first, I decided to lightly jog on a corner treadmill to gain a nice rhythm.  After 10 minutes of my warm up, I turned it up to a moderate pace, jogging for 5 minutes, building up extra momentum, increasing core temperature.  By this time, knowing I can trip and fall, I didn’t hesitate to fumble and play all my Pearl Jam songs.  This band always makes me have a good rush til the end.  Hits my spot and works like a charm!  Hasn’t failed me yet.  So if something’s not broke, don’t fix it. 

After those 5 minutes, I slowed down and power-walked for another 5 minutes.  Then moderate jog for 1 whole minute, then switched to 30 second sprints.  And lord, I felt completely powerful.  There were no signs or recollections of hamster humans on the vast cardio equipment surrounding me.  There was nothing, but my treadmill action, my powerful legs, my abdominals clenching with every footing, my glutes making a slight jiggle, yet being prissy bitches.  I was aligned as usual.  I repeated the 1 minute and 30 second freaklicious bonanza for 5 more delicious interval times only because I haven’t jogged in a hot while and my shins were getting splits.

Then I climbed aboard on the stationary bike and did 8 more intervals, going all out and peddling as quick as I could for the same 30 seconds and rest of 1 minute.  By the last interval my legs were on fire and I gave myself a break and didn’t crank the resistance level all the way up!  After this my legs were fucked up, burnt, beyond fatigued, screaming for mercy though I stopped and caught a 2 minutes light cool down on the bike.  Then I bulldozed to the Personal Trainer’s Lair and sported some mean stretching.

AVG HR 160-184 MAX
Duration: 50 Minutes
Cal: 601

Today will be a full rest day before I hit up Legs, Dive Bombers and more cardio for the upcoming week. Summer seems like a long time from now.  But trust me its just around the corner and this is all I’m thinking about.



2 thoughts on “Cardio: Intervals

  1. Love it, I can completely relate to some of these emotions. The mental state, the anticipation, the climax, the state where body and mind are at one (when you felt powerful during the Interval). Intervals are great and like yourself, as a masochist, I love them with passion. Burn it baby burn!


    1. Appreciate the comment Christian. What a surprise. *blushes* I’m so glad, and figured you would be able to relate to it. There’s nothing better then writing and reflecting while others being able to understand where I’m coming from. Thanks.


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