Reminiscing 2010


It may be a little late to go through a list of all the things I did or didn’t do in 2010.  But coming across some photos, it had me reminiscing on the many things I did different in that year. Starting with..

1. I went back to a jet black hair color.
2. I moved from the Bronx to Manhattan.
3. I went from a realm of Puertoricans to a world of Dominicans where the land of hips and ass control everything.
4. I wanted a new addiction so I sought out to smoke cigarettes. American Spirits. (The most 2 x a week, half of one. More off than on.)
5. I was an astounding 175lbs.
6. I saw and spent money on a gift to myself, a gift of health and knowledge and got me a nutritionist.
7. I had to relearn that just because people are friendly with you doesn’t mean they’re truly your friends.
8. I was investigated and interrogated in my job for a developing sexual harassment case.
9. Out of that investigation, I made sure 4 people got fired!
10. No one knew I got them fired.
11. I upped my cardio portion like never before. 4-5 times a week, steady state cardio from 1 hour to 1 hour and a half.
12. I broke a record and ran 40 minutes straight on the Treadmill.
13. I met with a detective, over an incident that took place in the gym and was called down to a line up.
14. They asked me to testify in court. I declined since it goes against my beliefs.
15. I had to let go of friendships that weren’t really friendships.
16. I had to cut off my family: Mother and Brother. They’re pretty much close to being disowned completely by me.

17. I bought a few pairs of Running Sneakers. That’s a first.
18. I fell in love with the stores Lululemon Athletica, Aerie and Forever 21.
19. I consider my closest friends to be on blogs and networking sites.
20. I completely fell hell over heels in love with I went from watching her videos and listening to her coffee talks, to performing the Challenges.
21. I thought to make a Facebook page, along with my Facebook buddies called Training Life Challenges.

22. Went to a few more Pearl Jam concerts and loved it as it were my first time all over again.
23. Went to Cooperstown.
24. Virginia Beach over the summer was cool. I need to move to a place where I can visit the beach as much as possible.

25. I learned of a pretty place, by the River Side Drive, where people jog, bike and couples cling onto one another like slick vines. Very beautiful.

26. I got to meet two of my Hardcore Training Sister from Facebook. We rocked out at New Jersey and Powelifted and Bodybuild. It was completely fabulous hanging out with women over 40 years of maturity.

27. For the millionth time I cut my hair again and listened to most people complained about it. But I love it!

28. By the ending of the year, I dyed my hair red and lost 20lbs.
29. I dabbled in more fish, less meat, Almond Milk, Bok Choy and veggies galore.



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