Trial And Error: Biceps

I remember when I first started lifting. Damn I was such a virgin! There were so many things I didn’t understand. Many times I felt like I was sinking rather then floating. And when I looked at other men in the gym, I didn’t feel any (since I don’t compete with women and I have different goals from them) better not having big biceps like them.

I was completely stubborn and cemented in my ways, though I always asked strangers and trainers in the gym for advice along the way. I observed others train all the time. I especially watched when others trained their biceps because somewhere I thought everybody else knew how to build biceps better than mine.Β  I seem to have a problem, (so I thought) with my biceps. I could almost never ever get them sore. I thought, there’s something wrong with me? Or my biceps? Or maybe I wasn’t training them correctly?

I remember in the beginning I skipped the 10lbs and even the 15lbs and went straight to the 20lbs, 22.5lbs, then 25lbs. I, obviously, wanted to hang with the guys! Even when I bought a curling bar for my house I went straight to 20lbs, then jumped to 30lbs. And I knew deep down inside I was just like the guy next to me in the gym, unable to move the weight strictly. I was doing most of the flailing with my shoulders, back, knees, help from my legs as oppose to using my bicep solely. I knew deep down inside I was in trouble, especially once the weeks turned into months and eventually everything caught up to me and, wha—la! A shooting syringe-like pain ran from my elbow to my pinky. 😦

Oh, fuck I thought, I’m properly fucked!

I knew then, it was time to stop…and when I went to get an X-ray and spoke to the Doctor. It was only then, that I said, “Okay so it’s time to let my elbow rest. It’s time to do things properly.” And understand, right now, it was so much easier saying it then it was doing it! This took a lot longer than what I actually HOPED to plan for. LoL! But I made it through… the years..

I guess, it turns out the reason why I couldn’t get them sore was because my biceps were never developed to begin with. Only with time, with proper weight and proper focus, starting back from 10lbs and sufficient reps like 15-20 for a few sets did me justice. The first thing that worked for me was alternating Bicep Curls. Any Barbell, Preacher Curls or Concentration Curls would continue to hurt my forearm.

Over time my biceps started to grow and become sore. I was elated. For so many years I just gave up on biceps, I had stop working on them altogether. But once I got them to the point of being somewhat develop, I knew that it was doable.Β  I now am able to get my biceps super duper sore, from moderate to higher reps to wonderful techniques like Rest-pause (my favorite), to relying on intuition and feeling myself out, what does my inner subconscious tell me, what is my body saying and am I listening to all the signals that are firing.

I had to learn something else the hard way when it came to my biceps trial and error adventure. And that was to not take advice from others who didn’t know or want to probe/learn my training/fitness history. I understand many people want to help or just to be able to have a say in your life and the matter at hand. But this can be dangerous and this can also derail one from their own path of learning what’s right and wrong for them and their body. Most people I’ve come across believe Preacher Curls and Concentration Curls build the best biceps. I think they can. But not for everyone.

Still til this day I’ve build nice biceps on 4-5 exercises alone. Give or take, of course one has to change exercises, hand placement, use different attachments, tempo or add in techniques like rest-pause, pyramiding, failure, etc. However, the bicep exercises I typically perform are these below because they work well with me and my body:

Bicep Curls (No Alternating/To Alternating)
Dumbbell Hammer Curls
Steep Incline Curls
Rope Hammer Curls
Barbell Bicep Curls

What are your favorite Bicep Curls? What Bicep exercises respond to you best?



3 thoughts on “Trial And Error: Biceps

  1. Fantastic. I can relate, again, being biceps being my weakest (I believe). For the two short years I’ve lifted, I’ve never been able to get them sore until recently…. The body is an amazing thing, unique, and we can’t treat it the same way Steve, James, and whatnot do it even though it works for them, it’s a gamble as to whether it will work for you but kudos for trying. Like you, I found my sweet-spot for fucking up the arms real well and I only do these for bis/tris. The key for ‘me’ is superset. Super-fucking-set.

    1. weighted chins/pulls
    2. ez-bar close/standard grip curls
    3. db hammer curls

    Just one example, for ‘me’, this fucks up my arms real good leaving it sore for several days.


    1. You know, it’s cool to see when others can relate. I appreciate your story as well. It’s funny, like chins are amazing after a bicep exercise, back and forth like supersets. I’ve tried those before I few times. I tend not to do it much because after a while my forearms will take over, or shall I shay my grip. Heh. I tend to hold onto things tight. πŸ™‚


      Your biceps look like the bomb now papi! πŸ˜‰


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