An Ugly Secret: I Hate Being Intimate With Ugly Guys!

Is that a shocker?

Probably not, right?

Well, last I checked, the whole world doesn’t like involving themselves with ugly people or simply put people who do not appeal to any of their darn senses if they don’t have to and this isn’t only limited to the bedroom.

The real reason why I hate being intimate with ugly men is because they’re most likely are going to turn me on!  And NO one wants a flashback of the ugly person who you might have accidentally or in most cases – intentionally had a little too much to drink or smoke with or play out give-and-take vulnerability heart cards at the table – only to have flashbacks turn into shivers of dreadful horror and wicked chills that are now running and trying to escape your many fucking vertebrates.

Surely, I fooled around occasionally with ugly/obese person a few times.  I like to pride myself on the being open-minded menu.  And also, I give charity.  Ugly people being the first among these types of cases.  Now, let’s be realistic, Ugly people aren’t usually the person one would date out in the open (unless you’re getting something grand in return or you fell in love with one.  In which, case both these instances are fair), right?  And you know why, right?  *pause* 😉

Some people ask me: “Well, do you ever feel bad for these ugly people?”
To which I reply: “Yes, this is why I give these people a chance of dating me or we establish ground rules and mutual agreements for sexual instances. Give and take.”  They: “But don’t you put yourself in their shoes, I mean, wouldn’t you feel bad if they would do that to you?”

And to which I reply with my heart soaring through the sky:  “HELL NO!  Because I know damn well, if I didn’t look as pretty or hold the shape of my body as I do now, they wouldn’t want to be near me or take me out either.  They wouldn’t feel enthuse to show me off to their world or their friends.  I’m not silly!  It’s a give and take situation.  I’m only doing what would be done to me if I were ugly.  Basically, take it or leave it.”

Moving on…

I can attest to ugly lovers being good lovers, and though, I can go into the many reasons why they (probably) are good lovers.  I won’t get into my theories as it proves no purpose.  But I’ll tell you one thing I don’t buy, which is something many typical people say (probably the ones who has never fucked/desired an ugly/obese man) and that is:  “Ugly people are good lovers because they don’t know when’s the next time they’re getting any again.”

This isn’t true.

It all comes down to knowing what type of man you’re dealing with. See, I know damn well, that there’s a massive difference between a man who doesn’t care about life/people, doesn’t mind the words he speak of, pays absolutely NO attention to the slightest mysteries in details.. and the man who genuinely has good character/conscious, who has a heart of gold, a mind well-rounded, highly who loves to give because giving is pure pleasure in the most delicate form as oppose to taking all resources and using them up.

And fortunately, for Ugly people..well..



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