Shower Gal, Sexual Tension, A Touch of Voyeurism

There’s nothing that turns me on more than a man who openly and willingly rejects me.

There’s also nothing that turns me on more than going to a man’s house and I’m allowed to do whatever I want with a sexual undertone like peeling off my clothes, being naked and never having to worry about him coming on to me or laying a second of a finger on my flesh.
This is the beauty of such excitement for me.

For years I remember going over to one of my associate’s houses and being allowed to be openly flirtatious with him.  To the point that anyone would have bet their life we were engaging in a regular sex life.  Typically, it would start with us talking, laughing, smoking, playing video games like junior high school kids, like when we first met. Night would fall upon us and my arousal would increase naturally.. just thinking about me getting undress, soaping up slowly in the shower, all the while giving him a peep show, while he smokes on the toilet was enough to get me off mentally.
It worked every time.

The funny thing, yet not funny at all is I can’t do this with a partner of mine.  They would be waiting for something to happen once we were to leave the shower.  And I can’t remember any time where a partner of mine came up with the boldness to say, “Go shower and let me watch and admire you from a different perspective.”  With partners, things like this just don’t ever get around to happening.  Men are just dumb when it comes to getting a woman stimulated mentally first.  There’s something called “thinking out the box.”  But I think that’s just an expression people throw at one another because it sounds cool.

What I loved about being the Shower Gal was knowing I had a subtle power.  My presence alone was appreciated, my body was admired tenfold.  I didn’t have to try and look seductive for he was having sex with me in his brain and I didn’t have to listen to any of it come to life.  Words were never spoken between us because me and my associate knew what was going to go down.  Nothing!  But a lot of sexual feelings and tension were contained and somewhat leveled.  And, come to think of it, I think this is the trouble that domestic partners lack:  Sexual Tension.

Sexual Tension can only be brought into the equation of holding back all your physical/sexual needs and desires.  Throw the frequency, the ritual, the routine, the bundled up years of knowing how to turn your partner on/off, get out of the funk and mundane of “We have to have sex!”  Throw it out the window and go for weeks and weeks without physically touching one another.  Maybe you can smell your partner faintly like a whisper?  Maybe allow them to see your buttocks, but not your special private areas.

See, what is frequency of sex going to do, but allow people to continually take and never miss a beat of it.  How can you be grateful for something one is consistently having?  You can’t.

Give a little and pull back.



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