I’m Back: Beast Mode!

First I had a sinus infection.
Then food poisoning.
Then internet got cut off for two whole weeks.

Now I’m back! ๐Ÿ˜‰

And now what do I mean exactly by Back?.. It simply means Ms. Pennington is on Beast Mode!ย  Beast Mode has always been a burly on switch of my mental and physical game that pushed beyond the last phase of my few month training.ย  So pushing and training as hard as I possibly can for 2 months.ย  Sometimes it requires doing what’s necessary!ย  Other times, not what’s necessary or particularly what’s in my best interest for my mind, body and the irritation or peacefulness of my soul.

However Beast Mode means going: Full force!!ย  Barely any rest days.ย  Being on ferocious octane, turbo, gas, go, go, go and keeping activity between 2 or 3 times a day (resistance, cardio, plyometrics, etc).ย  No such thing as rest for the one who plans to be wicked.ย  Nor for the ones who embark on a mission, on a passionate goal, thriving on a whole new energy to feed. Who needs a day off?ย  Who needs rest? What is death for? It’s for eternal sleep. And Beast Mode doesn’t comprehend what makes people average. Beast Mode doesn’t rationalize or buy out bargains with excuses. Though, I digress!

Why Beast Mode last for up to 2 months?ย  Because it seems my body starts to go through the “burn out” phase during the last few weeks of the second month.ย  SO much SO that my subconscious starts giving me dreams of fire!ย  Hence “burning out!”ย  And that’s my cue to lay back just a little bit or even refresh myself entirely by taking a couple of days off only to come back stronger and much more harder then ever.

I believe in taking things to the next level every chance I get!

Because after all the Training Life is about pushing it beyond your mental, physical, emotional or questionable limits.ย  Why have any funky doubts when the Beast is ON and YOU can just GO for it!



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