Sick Again! FML!

Keeping active even when you’re sick means you’re beyond the masses of the average. That’s what I’m holding onto.

A developing stuffy nose turn runny came about in my life roughly 4 days ago.   Then, all of a sudden, my nose seemed to clear up quite a bit and a little tickle would sneak up at the back of my throat.  First I was sneezing just  like those fucks who suffer from allergies.  Then it turn from a faint cough to a non-stop hacking cough. (Just earlier today, I got off the train in the morning for being so embarrass coughing next to the the man on the train. I took a cab to work after. Let’s just say it brought childhood school memories. ;))  First  the cough was dry. Then phlegm. My voice sounds quite beautiful breaking and cracking like Justin Bieber‘s puberty phase. 🙂

At the first sign of any sickness that appears within my body, I trip the fuck out worse than smoking/drinking and getting hypnotized by strobe-lights. I go almost into a state of depression where I’m at a lost for thoughts and short-term memory.  I suspect this would have something to do with and obstacle getting in between me and my workouts and having a paranoia condition like, well, the phobia: Emetophobia. I truly have a fear of being sick. I just don’t know if I grew into this or if I always had this within me  and it was just properly secluded as the depths of my lusty being.

My body has been trying to become sick since January. I’m sure after I knocked off a small sinus infection, it didn’t  help that I had food poisoning right after.  So I can only assume some bacteria was floating around still. And I probably didn’t give myself enough rest from hard workouts in between. We are finishing February in a mere day.. we’ll be heading into March. So, excuse me, if I seem to be fucking pissed off all the time lately! I don’t like when life, stress, family, relationships, sex or sickness plays a part/obstacle coming in between me and my workouts.

What gets me is right now is I shouldn’t be sore from the aches and pains all over my body from this my hacking cough. I should be sore from my own doings, my own training sessions, my own physical sickness I DO. And it sucks because there’s always that decision to make: Do I workout anyway with what’s going on, knowing I can make it worse over time? Do I take it easy and make sure to get some active rest by just doing low intensity cardio? Or do I rest completely and not even look at fitness links/video/magazines to kickstart my adrenaline?

My favorite also is when people tell me, “Oh don’t workout, just relax your body!” And though, I want to take heed in what they’re saying. I have to go according to what I can deal with. I can’t go according to the average folk who barely likes to workout from the get go. They’re always searching for a way to get out their own workouts with the leading example: Being Sick. I’m not one of those. I workout when I’m sick, on my period, when my finger was fucked up and in a stint, doesn’t matter.

But how do I know when I’m pushing too far?



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