A Reminder:ย  To those folks who read or subscribe to this blog, I generalize A LOT. I have super STRONG opinions. You don’t have to agree with me or what I say. But please respect me and my blog. Keep in mind, I write for me only. I don’t write for an audience to like me. I write to express. However as always, I appreciate every single one of you folks for reading what I have to type/say. It truly makes my day. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So here’s the shit that truly bothers me.

1. When people have all their limbs and still find billions of reasons and thousands of repetitive excuses why not to work out. WHY NOT TO WORKOUT! I’ll never understand this because number 1 your existence (no matter how tedious and unwanted it can be) is a gift. A gift bestowed to you. I have no idea where it came from. But it’s a fucking gift! OK! Which means that it’s not only a gift of spiritual, mental, sexual, emotional and what have you. But it’s a physical gift! The body is a magnificent and an amazing machine. It cures you, grows hair, nails and brand new skin. It allows you to have kids, turn, twist, bend, stretch, ejaculate and orgasm for Pete’s sake. It’s fucking awesome! And for people to not take advantage of the physical self, the active self is bound to suffer whether it be from psychological or illness factors.

What kills me is people who don’t have limbs or are paralyzed in a wheelchair. Understand, these lovely people would get up and be active if they had the choice! They want to play ham ball, have sex, cook in the kitchen freely and hike mountains. Yet, the people who have all available body parts refuse to use them. WTF! And I’m not here to talk about the number of reasons why they feel like being lazy, perpetually holding on to some form of insecurity and are depressed for life. Because the last time I checked everyone living is fucking depressed because we’re alive and dealing with everyday fucking life, we all have deep-seated insecurities that we deny and we all want to be lazy deep down inside. So anyways, “What and where’s the logic of having a body/limbs and allowing yourself (intentionally) to be immobile?” Where’s your gratefulness? Where’s the love for your temple?

I remember on a few occasions I’ve seen a guy on a wheelchair at the gym performing Triceps Pressdown. I was captivated and had to go over to smile and give him the utmost credit. I seen another guy with no arm, pretty much amputated up to the deltoid (the shoulder cap for those who are unaware). But he made use of his shirt. He hooked up a piece of his shirt onto the pulley/jungle machine and basically did his own versions of pull rows. I was astounded! Right there and then, after seeing those guys I knew I could never slack off at the gym EVER.. even if I wanted to. What those guys did was pure heart and soul. That shit rocked my globe and actually intimidated me. I’m very grateful to know people who are masters of their domain. People with limbs who are fucking lazy could take a few pages mentally and physically from someone as fabulous as wheelchair and amputee lifters!

Which brings me to the thing that fucking annoys me the most!

2. It bothers me strongly how companies lose millions of dollars due to their employees not showing up for work because they’re chronically sick. They tend to have all these sick days at their fucking disposal!ย  (Just to think some people out there truly need sick days but can’t get their benefits.) And some take full advantage of this. I’m completely disgusted in these folks. *rolls eyes* It really really truly truly bothers me that:ย  1. Healthcare isn’t free in America. I believe we all should have the right to be cured and healthy at all times. Don’t you think? This should be our first human right. Not, “Oh do you have insurance? Otherwise we can’t help you. Oops, sorry DENIED. Don’t take it personal and have a nice day!” This shit is bogus to me.

And 2. If people don’t want to physically workout, knowing that exercise prevents chronic diseases, osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetesย  and degenerative joint/bone disease. On top of the fact, the good thing about exercising is that it enhances moods, minimizes stress, offers structure in your life by setting goals,ย  is known to build a huge sense of achievement, manage weight, high energy levels, better circulation throughout your entire body, picks up self-esteem and instill confidence in every aspect you deal with in your Life. I say FUCK THEM HARD! They should be cast in HELL! They can get what’s coming. If people refuse to love, pamper and help themselves, why should anyone else give a fuck about them? This is Tough Love with full reason.

So if they want to continue the fabulous life of being obese, drowning in chronic diseases they could have prevented, still like the ignorance of bliss through being uneducated, allowing their kids to be overweight, to only watch them crumble, these sad Joe’s driving around thinking they’re fucking cute in what I call their fat-mobiles. Just let them be. Let them knee joints fail, let their pronation of shoulders fuck them over, let them get their star of Hunchback of Notre Dame back and hips fall apart keeping everyone behind them at the bus stop waiting for longer periods of time because YOU don’t take care of your body. Let them limp. Let them see how fragile their physical body is when they accidentally fall from a ladder and they shatter their hip in an instant.

Now, can these ungrateful folks get cut of their Health Insurance? Why couldn’t this be a fair thing to do? Why can’t we treat people to health for free when they are doing their best day in and day out to be physically active and strive towards well-being? Why must the people who take their body for granted get any help from any Doctor? Why? They’re undeserving of it.

But this is just pissing me off, just speaking about this. So I will end it here. ๐Ÿ™‚



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