The Pull Of It

And when I start low…

Arms fully extended, my heart crows, I psyche my mind full blast and tell myself plenty:  I’  AM the best of the best among hundreds, thousands and millions that light the universe of their energy.

My inspiration’s magnified by how I want to be perceived, by what admiration many will take to me and my personal philosophy on Training Life’s University. I take deep breaths as if I’m about to dive in the phantom famished mouths of merry-land and water. I feel my heart racing with trouble and in this instance I secretly warn my muscles: I’m out to slaughter!

This in turn, fuels the adrenaline, endorphins, angst and anxiety rush. For a moment I’m flustered during a tickle of my cheeks blush. And I must enter into this planned: Believing I’m a warrior, believing I’ AM making it to the tops of the Rocky Mountains of which I ultimately desire. I’m on fire. I’m on fire. I’m FIRE!

And I pull, not lift.

And my arms are taking me to new heights. I swear, for an instant, I see my aura glow beautifully like the Northern Lights. And I contract my biceps intensely.  I imagine them first fetal, curled in a tight ball with an energy that are broken from bounds for this rep and all the other reps that come after the first. Completely immersed.

My grip is just right. Not loose. Not tight. It’s rather neutral, so as my forearms don’t tempt to steal the Lats workload. I inhale and go with an intuition flow. I, now, feel the stretch from the fiber beings, the pull of my abdomen tenses like those African sisters who once braided my hair and drew cat-eyes on my face.

In this moment I allow glory to rain on this bliss of grace.

My rectus abdominis flexes and engages without a conscious nod. I’m weightless, limitless, given way to pure freedom. In this, I’ve found God. I’m orgasmic, for my anterior, medial and posterior delts, shoulder blades and all the Back muscles in between are taking me on an air-ride, a pull-up continental plane exercise.

With all this I have my eyes on the prize.



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