Green Card: An Attempt Of A Movie Review

The rundown of the movie can be found -> Green Card!

I’m still not sure why I love this lovely film so much!  The first time I ever saw it, I only saw parts of the film.  But that first time I simply fell in hell over heels in love with it.  I’m convinced I have a habit of falling in love with things  spot on like how I do with (either) listening to a song or seeing a good film the first time around.  This is evidently how this movie went.  So watching it tonight for the second real time.. and, well, I’m still in love with it.  😉 Now to try and explain the reasons why I fancy it much.  Warming:  There may be some spoilers.

I think what I love the most about this movie is the casting. Well, the casting of the two main characters:  Andie and Gerard.  I love the chemistry between the two.  Either they’re good actors.  Or someone thought this actor and actress would both convey what the director wanted on screen.  I believe these two actors had great genuine features, great instincts and elements to bring on in.  I could be looking too much into it?  Could just be me?

What attracts me to this film is like what attracts most people’s curiosity about life and human behavior, which is:  How opposites attract.  Two people who put themselves in a circumstance both for their own conveniences of life must find a way to co-exist through flailing tempers of dreadful differences.  I like tension.  It’s brilliant.  And I also like when destruction just so happens to be better once it rebuilds again.

Other things I like about the movie:
The beginning, the opening scene of a young teenager who’s playing a plastic drum on the Subway.  He kills it with his talent!  I love looking at how they captured New York City in the more olden days (80’s-90’s).  How Gerard plays the piano for an upscale dinner party with Andie.  What’s lovely about it was how he recited a poem, to which Andie’s mother’s best friend translated it into English and touched the hearts of everyone in the room.  In particularly, Andie.  I also like how in one instance they portrayed sexual tension between the two.  Something I don’t think many directors cannot do subtly.

A little more..

I like how Andie’s character is an environmentalist.  Her love for plants, how she “loves them more than (some) people,” as she put it.  She seems well organized, gets tiny bouts of anxiety/panic attacks, is emotional, yet has it together with a body that comes off as being fragile.  (I like relating to Andie’s character in both her passion and cynic view (sort of) when it comes to people.)  Gerard’s character I like because he’s the opposite of Andie.  He doesn’t seem to have all the answers on/to life.  Maybe no direction, even?  Yet, he’s smart, to the point, observant, charming and keen.   He comes off more as a brute.  Possible Ogre?  But there’s something about him more or less that’s golden.

Another thing I like about the film is the soundtrack.  I’m a sucker for great music:

(Oh.. and sorry I didn’t make the video.) 😉

Are there any movies you enjoy like this?
(And please no cheesy movies. )



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