The Theme Of Last Year: People Are Liars

Don’t Trust Anyone.

Obviously, some people let this little fact go pass their noses everyday like something that’s not even remotely contagious.  But, unfortunately it is contagious.  Blindly or foolishly or history trusting people wholeheartedly isn’t in anyone’s best interest.  Most people can’t even trust themselves, so why must one trust in another?  Everywhere I turn I try to attempt a play at trusting people, I try to let my guard down, get out of my shell for a moment or two to bring new people into my Life

I did this last year.  And they all failed.

Part of me (always) wants to give people the “benefit of doubt,” overlooking the fabulous judge of character I am, slowly pushing my intuition to the side, trying to hover in lowering my standards in order to allow people into my prestigious world.  I’m a very cynical person, therefore my perception of everyone is:  Purely Cynical (at first, until proven different).

The best ways of observing human behavior I find is by going to the basics, Animals.  Then one can move on to the next best place, which so happens to be School and Work.  People watching is quite amazing as well, somewhere totally busy like Rush Hour, Peak Gym Hours and Times Square.  Boatfuls of humans will display their body language, their actions, their grimaces behind every other person’s back.  They do it right in front of the whole world.  I guarantee just by people watching you WILL see how fucked up a lot of folks are.  I do not deny how shitty to the bottomless core people are.  Some people tend to mask it very well.

Last year work has taught me that a Co-worker is only a Co-worker.  Co-workers are never friends, even if they start out that way initially.  These folks tend to prove my theory correct:  People who hold the most Shame, Guilt and Remorse are quick to flip the script and betray you for their own gain, which most of the time will concern the grips of their consciousness.  Do they wish to sleep peacefully at night?  Why, why wouldn’t they?

In turn, at work I dealt with all types of conniving people.  Maybe the gym industry breeds these types of people due to the dishonesty of the commercialized system itself?  These people all have glorious egos, were some of the greatest manipulators known to man, even the 19 year old with the innocent face and failing Life was interestingly cheeky and almost had me going there for a second.

The General Manager who tried to play the Guilt Card on each and every single one of his fellow employees and threw the word Loyalty around as if it truly existed, let alone within the company itself was just another gimmick.  A Personal Trainer who I thought was another friend of mine lied so much through her teeth I’m surprised her mouth didn’t decay as a whole when she spoke.  These few co-workers couldn’t have imagine my remarkable persuasion on such an interpersonal level that indeed these people were rid from the company altogether.

I was the Positive Angel of Death naturally doing the right thing.
All evidence speaks louder than words.

A man I spoke to for 7 years over email and other forms of messaging, was indeed two-faced from his actions/stories to how he wrote.  When I pointed this out to him, his many years of living Life (over 60 years of age), I would think he be up to par on receiving constructive criticism well.  He never took the time to teach himself such a humble and hearty lesson as Constructive Criticism during his lifetime?  Is it not a wonder that he’s married twice thus far?

And I, of course, spoke and regarded him with respect during the time.  Until he decided to avoid me at all cost, making excuses up.  When all he had to do is express himself openly to me and give me the same courtesy and respect I’ve given to him time and time again.  But people never work the same way you do.  So when views and beliefs were exchanged heavily I guess everything had to changed on his behalf.

Life has taught me again people will betray you because your views differ from theirs.  It’s usually your Truth versus their Truth.  But why does truth get misconstrue with opinions by others?  I don’t buy the shit of your Truth Vs. my Truth.  Not from a hole in the wall.  Never take what people say at face value.  I’ve learned that people contain their flaws with the sole purpose to keep them as tokens for perfect secrets.

Quite fascinating how people rather die in their own lies of truth.



4 thoughts on “The Theme Of Last Year: People Are Liars

  1. Sounds like this affected you more than you are letting on. He must have gotten very close to you to have the betrayal be so painful.


    1. Not so much the guy. I don’t care about him. He didn’t betray me. He more of has betrayed himself as a person.

      But I do care about being treated with respect as a whole. And I find that many people are just liars in the world. What can we do, right?


  2. All we really can do is take each individual as they are, individuals. You can group some in their herds, gym rats, movie nuts, gamers, but still evaluate them on a one on one basis. You are great at that so you are OK in that respect.


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