Jump Sexy: Me EGO Has NO Limit!

“You know I have an appetite for sexy things!” -Britney Spears

Jump up out of bed.  There’s a light firing in my soul coming about like Spring Fever.  God dammit I’m a believer! Enough to allow this brain of mine to be as open as a satellite receiver!

It’s Showtime!  Taking control of Life by being in the Center Stage.  Who’s going to listen today?  Who’s willing to hear my philosophy on training?  Who’s going to be the fist to stop whining about weight loss and complaining?  Who’s willing to go forward and leave their robbing past behind?  Who’s willing to adopt new habits and redefined all the pleasures that want you to find what holds everything in a line?  Who will be the one to head with the marching band backwards?  Who will be the flightless birds?  Who’s willing to be touched by my brilliance, by my knowledge?  Who’s willing to pledge to the cutting edge of Ms. Hall’s quest?

These are the questions I ask myself as I smear some shimmery copper eyeshadow on the naked morning lids of my eyes.  I’ll have them shine with a purpose like prying spies.  Needling the outline of my lips with nude liner to fill in the gap with coral lipstick.  So when I speak, you can see my color kick, kick and kick.  My appetite:  is sexy!  My hair flutters wild like the heads of sunflowers in the wind.  Waves from the dark crown to the ends of my brown-reddish ends flair and this will set every single eye on me as I step in the home of my gym.  This is my ring, my structure, my cult, MY ZING!





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