The Power Of Ginseng

Since last year I’ve been experimenting with supplements, mostly vitamins.  First it started with taking a multivitamin on a regular.  Then I read elsewhere that it also doesn’t hurt to take a multimineral vitamin.  But, then soon after I started to attack a wide range of vitamins, along with teas that have great effects on the immune system and so forth.  Learning to be healthy is a long detailed journey.  Not to mention extra work to make sure one is researching and personally testing out products on thyself.

Why Ginseng?  Well, I like to think I bumped into Ginseng by accident.  How?  I’ve been fasting on Fridays/Sundays early morning and throughout the afternoon.  For the simple fact that it seems my body runs on 2-3 hours of sleep normally (from being a night owl on Saturdays, then having to open the gym up the next day), so when I eat on this day my body becomes ill.  Not to mention quite dehydrated.  Rather than torture my body by eating and enduring some sickness.  I fast for 7-8 hours.

But I allow myself to drink liquids.  I truly only drink water.  Took me a long time to only drink water, but I did it.  So on Sundays I stop by a gym that makes fresh squeeze juice with Ginseng, Ginger, Aloe Vera and the works.  And I bought a Power Juice that had these same ingredients in them along with beets, carrots and apples.  It tasted very weird.  My taste buds aren’t used to Ginger at all.  However it cleaned my entire system out and left me proud to leave the bathroom.

And now Ginseng is at the top of the list of supplements.

“Ginseng strengthens the heart and nervous system.  It builds general mental and physical vitality and resistance to disease by strengthening and stimulating the endocrine glands that control all basic physiological processes including the metabolism of vitamins and minerals.  Soviet researchers report that ginseng normalizes the level of arterial pressure and is effective in the treatment of both hypertension and hypotension.”

The Power Benefits of Ginseng

Increases energy and endurance
Increases sexual appetite
Increases memory, alertness and mental clarity
Improves circulation
Decreases stress/fatigue
Fights colds, flu and other infections
Ant-aging properties
Used in treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Used in treatment for Type II Diabetes
Regulates blood sugar level
Used in treatment for men with Sexual Dysfunction
Lowers cholesterol
Claims to prevent Cancer

Why I take Ginseng?

Honestly the only reason why I take Ginseng is because it helps me go to the bathroom.  (Though I’ve notice it has increased both my energy and my sexual desire.)  All my life I’ve always felt unhealthy due to constipation.  Whether it was the food I  ate (beef, cheese, fried food) in the past at the time or whether it was passed down to me through genetics, I just had a tough time releasing the shit within me.  So much SO that I would actually dream of shit suffocating my throat like a leech and I had to force it to come out my mouth.  Awkward?  Indeed!

Nowadays I have a shitting addiction or a profound fascination with wanting to take a shit.  Not shitting to shitting can do that to a person.  And because I live from one extreme to another extreme this seems fairly normal to me.  I’m by far extra amused when I use the bathroom and let go.  If I take a Python in the toilet, I’m excited to the point where I want to celebrate and take a photo with my Blackberry.  As you know, it’s quite important for anyone to be able to go to the bathroom especially if they’re shitting houses.

What can I say, ginseng has been good to me. 😉



6 thoughts on “The Power Of Ginseng

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