I’m pumped,
Overly-Excited like my heartbeat
On a Burpee Jump!

I’m a woman on a mission
On a fight for every admission.
With a face nonchalant

And an aura full of avant-garde.
I used to be a kernel of small faith
Now I’m bound to a glory wonder of eighth

In a world of metal and steel
Of live muscle art that makes it all real.

The reps are futile

And my mind, it knows, Nooooo resistance!
Every mile full of smile
Where insistence plows any indifference
In the many avenues of my spirits
Between the flesh and it’s limits.
If, at any point, I allow my brain to cave
This would be of the biggest mistake

And this would speak of being lenient
And that is not me nor my life previous.
Never my training or performance of entertaining
Will I lack the passions of sustaining!
In the light of my lime
I stand alone
If I fail, who can I pin the blame on?
I’m grown!

As of now I’ am
The tightness of my forearm

The density of weight packed like an animal farm
As of now I’ am
The furious speed demon racing in my veins
The promising abuse of self-induced physical pain
As of right now I’ am
The hunger that lives in the warrior spirit
The aura within me is authoritatively livid
I’ve got the mind on Training Life’s party
To warp my own body
Because I live for this Shit!



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