At First They Root For You

I guess because they truly don’t believe that you’re really capable of doing what Nike has said best:  Just Do It?  Then when you prove them wrong…they watch and observe you getting stronger, showing improvements with numbers on the dumbbells/barbells, endurance game high for cardio/strength and you start slimming down in all the right places.

But then they flip the script and dislike your progress, your endless dedication, your halo of force, how you say no to delicious and fattening foods, leave the party to do cardio then come back to enjoy it again and blow right by them with steadfast conviction.

Women congratulate under their breath.  These wicked felines eye your body with disgust, yet admiration for they are bound to society and it’s methods of a woman’s body being her top value.  Then the males whip their masculine jokes (or what I like to call the-instill-scare-tactic to see if it works):  “Keep lifting and the next thing you know you’ll be growing in a beard and I’ll be asking you what creams and razors you’re using to keep a good shave?”

They say mean things that can easily be taken as a dagger to the ego (since I have one):  “I remember when you used to be stronger than me.  Or maybe it was that you were stronger than me in certain areas, say your Back or Triceps?”

Unlike many other Fitness Enthusiasts and Bodybuilders I don’t have true friends or family support.  The support I receive are from my social networking and blogging buddies that take the time to get to know me and admire my discipline, (even when I slack on the motivation to come through here and there).  See, I’m used to defending myself.  I’m used to holding up my guards.  I’m used to having my fists up, used to the fighting stance.  I’m used to shadowboxing and exchanging foul words with the best of them.

What can I say?

With people looking to knock me out my focus and almighty courageous attitude..
Could you blame me?



2 thoughts on “At First They Root For You

  1. i hate this about other women sometimes – i feel like telling some to shut up and support already!!
    Keep up the good work girl 🙂


    1. I agree with you. Women need to learn how to support one another, rather than sneer. We’re grown women. And Life is hard as is. Thanks so much. Your back looks great. thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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