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Easily Becoming One of my Favorites

Dana Linn Bailey is her name. And I like the thickness she has on her body. I like the stacks of weights she can perform with good form and control. And just when you think it couldn’t get better, she has these cable type cuffs called The Isolator Fleece Cuffs, I believe. It seems she enjoys destroying her favorite body part: Back like I do. Once again this is a video that has pumped me up to do some good shit later on.  I hope it has pumped you as well. 😉


Ramble: Where Am I Going With This?

I’ve slowly have come back to the gym to perform my favorite body part:  Back. I must say I’m grateful.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  And I’m still performing the pre-re-, whatever you want to call it exercises for my shoulders. Any form of weakness in myself or others is something I don’t like to see, hear, feel or even think about.  I don’t feel it suits or even goes with my personality. And I’m the type to raise the level of confidence and instill strength in everyone, friends, strangers, family and enemies.

But at the same time I know how my natural charisma gets the best of everyone. I also know my power and I know my influence is as mighty as the guts deep within my intestines.  Therefore I can break the same confidence and ego if I feel betrayed for one second.  I’m equally nice and equally good.  So it’s a given that I can equally be a bitch and equally evil.

This is how I am.

Moving on.. I’ve only train Shoulders, Chest and Triceps once in what seems like 3 months.  I don’t want to wake up these annoying fucking injuries in my shoulders that don’t need to be woken up.  But at this point in time, I’m fucking antsy and I’m going to start out light as how I’ve done with the Back Workout you’ll see below.  There’s no time like the present.  So I’m going to be working this bitch.  And if any signs of pain comes up to the surface I’ll tweak it because I MUST!

These are the exercises that has worked best with me thus far. Of course every week either an exercise or two would change, the reps, the volume, the weight or the hand placement.  Cannot do the same thing.  Muscle must be on overload most of the time as long as there are no creeping injuries.  There’s nothing like loving the feeling of the burn during the workout and the fucking soreness when I roll around and wince in bed before I get up to start my day.  I usually do 4-5 sets of any and every back exercise.  But at the moment I’m not pushing my luck yet.  I want to stay in the game.  And as you can see I write down if the weight was light or moderate and what type of grip I’m currently working on.

Lat Pulldown (Narrower Grip)
40lbs x 15 (Light), 55lbs x 12 (Light), 70lbs x 12 (Decent), 85lbs x 12 reps (Mod)
Seated Row (Close-Grip)
40lbs x 12 (Light), 55lbs x 12 (Light), 70lbs x 12 reps (Moderate)
Seated Row (Wide-Grip)
40lbs x 12 (Getting tired), 55lbs x 12, 70lbs x 6, pause 6 reps (Decent)
Cable Rope Rear Delt Rows (Mid)
35lbs x 12 (Light), 40lbs x 12 (Light), 45lbs x 12 reps (Decent)
One Arm Dumbbell Rows
22.5lbs x 12 (Light), 25lbs x 10 (Decent), 30lbs x 8 reps (Mod)

Running off!


Fitness Enthusiast

I watch as she jumps into her routine
No warm-up, mind set on her goals
Physical limits have no meaning in her existence,
Like rules they were made to be broken

Each round my eyes stay glued to the determination,
Calf muscles flexing with each hop
Hamstrings and quads cresting.

Breathing relaxed and calm,
Never betraying a tired body
Not accepting of defeat
She knows only one thing –



My on/off partner was watching me perform an Exercise Challenge and on the spot he decided to warm my heart and boost my ego with this beautiful poem. Evidently, my feeling on this poem is it describes me perfectly. I decided to share it with those of you who also share the same love for poems as me. Also for those who can appreciate the underlying topic of the poem itself. 🙂


Pointing Out The Obvious!


I haven’t been given much of a choice to go Full Speed ahead when it comes to extra weight-lifting days for various body parts. I’m limited to Back and Legs. But trust me, I’m grateful for having all my limbs and for even being able to Lift PERIOD! Still this takes a toll on my writing  drive for this page. This upsets me for sure as my Training Life (mostly weightlifting) is what fuels my writing, passion and inspiration.

They go hand in hand. And I guess I just wanted to point this out to all of those who come by my site to get a daily dose of whatever you get from this site. 🙂 Know I appreciate all your reading (even those who don’t comment), those who subscribe by email, those who comment on my page or thru private messages telling me how you love the passion in which I write, how inspired or how motivated one of my post have made you feel. This makes me happy! And I want to say “Thank You” to everyone. I truly want to influence and stimulate your mind and body.

And with this said, I wouldn’t want to lose readers because of my low main topic drive. So I wanted to bring to your attention that I do have loads of subjects and topics in my head and posts lined up that can entertain the most boring to the best of ya. I’m going to roll out some more movie reviews, new herb supplements I’m experimenting with  as well as my theories/outlook on sexual/relationship manners.

So continue to stick with me. I’m going to take you places. 😉


Have Something Like This.. Ever Happened To You?

One day I entered my room and it smelled like: Loads of Cum.

Reeking Semen, almost.

My room was filled with humidity, heat and fog cum? This all came from the proud assistance of Ms. Queen Radiator. I crinkled my eyebrows and forehead for a moment just to take in the many whiffs of dead dried sperm puffing all around the air in my room.  Then I looked down and realized in the corner not far from the closet was a “semi-clean” towel that must have fallen behind Ms. Queen the Radiator.  And if you guessed it?

That happened to be The Cum Towel: Lover’s Sperm!

Good thing my company didn’t catch on (since I normally talk dirty with the mouth anyhow) even when I said out fucking loud, “God it smells like fucking cum in here! What the fuck!?”

And went on and picked up the towel with a chuckle and smirk on my face. 😉


New Annoyance: Twinged Right Glute!

I’ve been noticing over the past few months how after a day of Training Legs and Glutes I have a twinge feeling only in my right Glute.  It hurts even when I sit down, until a few days later it subsides completely.  However once again I fuel it after training Legs/Glutes.  I’ve never experienced this before and I could only assume that over the past 5-6 months now I have been training Legs quite excessively since I couldn’t train my upper body for a little while. (Another slight injury! You don’t say? ;)).  It’s been annoying me also when I hike up the resistance and incline level on the Treadmill or ArcTrainer.  So far I have pinpointed it occurs in the Abduction movement in the Sagittal plane.  I can also feel it very well when I internally rotate my foot.  

This twinge-like feeling reminds me of a nerve.  I remember the first time I ever felt a twinge-like nerve, it was many years ago during my novice and egomania stage of lifting.  It would occur during the Rear-Delt Bent-Over Exercise.  The problem was I kept bringing my arms too high, completely out of alignment and was hyper-extending way too much.  And the nerve would pinch the shit out of me.  (The body is quite meticulous, is it not?)  After figuring out this problem very quickly I lessen the range of motion and all was fine again of course!  Now I’m guessing (and by the way still researching) this right glute little dilemma of mine could be due to a nerve or quite possibly Gluteus tendonitis or RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).

All I’m certain of is all will come to surface soon…



I bought a book a few years back entitled:Forgiveness.

I never got pass the first 5 pages of it, sadly. During this time I wanted to focus on a relationship with my faulty biological mother. But that went down the drain as with all her drugs, men, maniac depressive episodes, selective thinking and hearing. I really wanted to work on healing myself as well. Seems my best and worse misery stems directly from the outbursts of my family. (And who isn’t in some form of way or another haunted by turmoil from thy blood?) I’ve come to the realization time and time again, in order for me to truly gain real freedom, I must forgive. But how?

I had a chat last Sunday with a gym member. She’s lovely, wide-eyed, fragile, strong, yet hyperactive just like a 2 year old boy. We got into an epic conversation about Bikram Yoga, The Power of Now, being the Active Watcher to Self in your everyday Life and the struggle of forgiveness. Then we got down and dirty into why our preference just so happens to be: Lifting Weights.  And how we weren’t surprised when we both shared the same answers: Anger, Therapy outlet and Empowerment. I lift because I’m angry. I lift because with all the aggression pent up within me, what better way than to use the energy into a rebellion revolution of resistance.

Moving on..getting into another argument tonight with my brother is just another glimpse as to why I have practically chosen to disown my mother. And why he’s next on the shit list because he’s the exact replica of her (minus the drugs and alcohol), despite the insight and wisdom I thought I passed on to him. My intention was never looking to change him. (One can’t change people. But one can plant a seed in a proper direction.) I despise people who are a copy of someone else. There’s only a shadow, not an individual to be found. To thrive on maturity, to come to an endless rollercoaster of  comprehension, to figure out all this time I’m starting not to like the person he is. Well, oh, well.

This kid, the epitome of a serial relationship performer who’s 4 years younger texts me to tell me of his new girlfriend, knowing my advice to him was to remain: Single.  This same kid treats me as a stranger when he finally gets the nerve to get a job (without my constant help/connections). But who is he crying to and leeching off on like a money tree when he has nothing? I the big Sister/Brother.

I display the acts of faith and face of how I am destined to be: Strong. Yet a ping of vulnerability creeps within me..and it displays the truth in his actions like.. how he never calls me up to ask me: “Hey, how are you doing? How’s your Life?” Or how he shows me my worth by buying me a $4 cup of coffee while spending $ on the females who come and go, knowing he owes me hundreds of dollars. I see all too clearly now. Sometimes one just has to accept the cards you were dealt and do what you wish with them. Whatever makes me feel good, right? (Or wrong?)

Could disowning my family be a part of healing? Could it ever bring the forgiveness I need in order to quench my rage? Maybe. Maybe not. But one of the facts in this FUCK THE FAMILY THING is I gain absolutely NOT ONE benefit from any of these family members. Not a single one. Strangers are nicer and actually DO more for me, which in my Life is the norm. So without a positive to gain through a negative, I see no point in continuing their presence in any shape or form of way within my existence.

It is what is is.  No?

Enjoy a song on me. Does anyone remember this jam? 🙂


Video: Doesn’t This Pump You Up?

It sure does me!

Whenever I’m feeling a little low on the vibration of motivation, I can turn to videos I know will spark up and rev the engine in my bleeding heart. Quite interesting how in the beginning of this video Haley answers a question with a question: “Why wouldn’t somebody want to be big? I don’t understand.” I fucking agree! Which leads me to go off on my own rant… I like to call Pennington’s Briefs.

On the case about Women: What I don’t understand is why women want to look like thin rail supermodels? Why are they always trying to fit into skinny jeans when (most likely) women are taking the visions and fashion advice from gay thin males? Why wouldn’t women want to be strong so they can defend themselves in case someone came along and tried to mug or God Forbid rape them? Why are women so comfortable playing the card of the victim? Why does a woman feel she have to impress/be fearful/remain a good gal by allowing a male’s ego to be boastful and full of masculinity? Is this the only way she can feel secure, by allowing her man to be all the things she wouldn’t dare to be? Why wouldn’t these women want to pride themselves on their own strength: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?

On the case of Men: What I don’t understand is why are there so many men in the world who are overweight but don’t comprehend that they have no right to be? First reason being: Men don’t carry 3 basketballs within their stomach only to give birth to children in the end? I’ve never met a guy who can give birth. Have you? Why are men obese when their hormones don’t fluctuate nearly (as much) as women, nor do men hold 8% essential body fat compared to women? Why are men completely comfortable with exposing their bellies? They get undressed and wear it like a badge of honor (like Buddha) among the streets with their hands folded as it lies on top of their bellies as if it were a coffee table? Seriously, what the fuck is that?

If I were a man, knowing how simple it is to get muscle due to high levels of testosterone I wouldn’t fuck around. I’d be in the gym day in and day out building (as how I’m doing now).  And if I were a man and I didn’t sport muscles I would be embarrassed to call myself a man, even if I brought home the bacon, spend time with my wife/kids and have solutions to almost any problem in the world. The definition of a man is to display a hardbody, is to perform physical labor, is to flaunt around your strength, not your gut. So, again, what’s wrong with everyday regular men? Oh I know: They’re a bunch of flaccid dicks who prefer to watch their favorite athletes/superheros do what they could never achieve themselves. Simply because they’re too fucking lazy! What fuckin losers?

And women. Tsk. Tsk. They have a lot of growing out of centuries to do!

To all my men who want to look and live like real He-Men, who are striving to be athletes no matter what age.. To all my women who refuse to live like victims who want to stand out of society, who want to better themselves physically with productive strength and accomplishments.. living in and out the gym, sweating the fat, sugars, carbs out, who are growing beastly arms and legs, who are dieting, who are looking to be ripped and shredded or be bigger than Arnold or Heath. My fucking heart and soul goes out to you’s. I know how hard it is, how many years it takes, how much discipline goes down the bodysculpting hole. I love YOU guys! And the rest..who’s going to notice them? They’re on their fucking couch watching Kobe, A-Rod, Batman wasting away anyhow. 😉


Film: Something Borrowed

My thumb is down for this movie.

Maybe I had a little bit of higher expectations? Maybe since I thought it was originally created from a novel it would be good? Maybe I thought this film would be funnier throughout the slow gears it seem to move by? Maybe it felt flat to me (although Ginnifer Goodwin brought out emotions within). Maybe I thought since there’s seemingly a good cast this film would be decent at it’s best? So why did I leave feeling blah?

May I just say that I didn’t even realize how ugly Kate Hudson is IN real life and up on the big screen? God she’s hideous! How could A-Rod hit that and not overlook this blonde butterface monster? Pretty fucking gross if you ask me! *pukes* Moving along, why did I go see this flick (since I don’t normally watch  romantic comedies)? I’m a sucker for romantic triangles. I find it more fascinating and two times more complicated than just observing one couple winging shit.

The plot of the movie: Ginnifer is a single, sort of unhappy attorney who one night has much to drink and wakes up the next morning with Kate (best friend) Hudson’s fiance in bed. (But don’t worry I promise you that Ginnifer knew Colin first. And this is what you, the audience have to figure out. Is she in the right? Or in the wrong? Will she be with Colin and in the process remain best friend’s with Kate? Or will her and Colin part ways and keep everything a secret? What?)

My first problem with this movie is: I found this movie was geared towards a specific type of Caucasians. They made tons of references I couldn’t get and it had me wondering in a pack theater: “How middle or upper class does one have to be in order to understand these jokes?”  This wasn’t funny and I wasn’t prepared for this type of humor as typically nowadays films are evenly suited for a myriad of generation, ages, race and humor. This movie failed me in this respect.

The other thing I disliked about the story itself was how the main character Colin was simply a man (still) being brainwashed by his family. Therefore he’s immature in this sense and allows discouragement to settle and take over at any cost. Not to mention he’s a complete child when it comes to making his own decisions about Life. (I dated a guy once who was just like this. Lived by every single word his family and his culture rose him upon. Quite horrible! Please ladies don’t ever waste your time.) As far as Kate is concern, it’s Kate playing Kate. So, what else is new? She looks awfully ugly, drunk, fat, lazy and tired throughout the entire movie.

The upside to this movie was: The previews beforehand. 😉 No, uh Ginnifer, Steve Howey and John Krasinski were the only ones who stole the scenes in this film.  Ginnifer did her charming, good gal, tail between her legs thing well. Steve did his outrageous brute and over-the-top antics that would have any asshole, jerk or person with a soulful sense of humor laugh out loud. And John is John, charm face, sarcastic genuine mellow guy that he is. (Yeah, who doesn’t like John? Only the bitches who like assholes and evidently who are Size Queens to boot!)

Last and least: The many times the scenes were in New York City and in the Hampton were comforting. And I don’t know if this was done intentionally (I’m sure it was!) throughout the film – it seemed Ginnifer and John ate here everyday – but they indeed kept advertising one of my favorite places to eat (especially during a cheat meal fest): Shake Shack. What was the deal there?

Rating: RENTER at best.


The Up’s & Down’s of Losing Weight (A Personal Story)

Most people have them: Chubb and fat photos.

There are also exceptions to the rule like those hardgainers who in all life couldn’t gain weight or an ounce of  muscle to spare their fucking life. And so they break their backs (just like the Fitness Enthusiasts/Bodybuilders) with headaches, sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears training hard! They eat trucks and cars for breakfast and dinner and wrestle gorillas so that when they take brand new photos: They’re fucking legit! 😉

Well I had a normal childhood in terms of Bodyweight. (I don’t possess a scanner, otherwise I would post a photo of what I call then the luxury body.) I grew up with the luxury of being what I call “Skinny” or to what others deem the perfect 120lb body. In some cultures like the  Spanish Community I tell you we love full-figured curves. So putting on jeans at this Skinny weight always left me hella self-conscious. I was peer pressured lots to dress like some sort of female, especially when I went out clubbing with the girls and I dreaded my Skinny Legs. I thought everyone was looking at them. But they were really just looking at my tits. LoL!

However having this 120 body at the time wasn’t something I strove to have. Tis was the life of being a picky eater with a virginized never hit cultured tongue. Tis was the life of having a what you call youngin-metabolism. Tis was the life of being naive and having sex 5-8 times a day because it was new to me. I didn’t cherish my pussy or esteem well.. plus I wanted to spite the shit out of my mother. Fabulous times!

I didn’t start gaining weight til I was 21 years old. By 22 years of age I checked myself out in a mirror one day and couldn’t fucking believe what I saw! *faints* I had no mirrors in the apartment at the time (living with my boyfriend) period! That was my first mistake. I knew something was strange when I couldn’t wear my jewelry around my sausage fingers anymore. I also knew something was type odd when I would bend down to pick something off the floor and my own skin (fat) would pinch me.

Subconsciously I knew I was fat and I was in denial said all the long skirts I so happen to wear out on evenings. And I couldn’t walk 2 blocks without my ankles bothering the hell out of me, not to mention the shin splits JUST FORM FUCKING WALKING! Poor body! And don’t get me started on the constant water retention during the Summer time. Not fucking fun! Oh and the best part was that my thunder thighs and big ass had all the Black men lining up as if I were the spectacle of the NBA. Fabulous times! ><

How did the weight gain happen?

Easy! I was in a horrible, depressive and dreadful relationship for roughly 3 years of my newly fresh out of the nineteen life and over into twenty. I knew we were going to have problems with diet because this guy ate mounds of food all day long. We would dine 4-6 times a day all around the city. I’m talking about eat anything from Malaysian to Italian.  We would get high, get the munchies and rack up on foods in the middle of the night as if we’re having a contest on who can eat the most! During the time I didn’t know any better as to why women couldn’t eat the same amount of food a hefty bear man could eat and expect to remain the same weight. (Another reason to hate the biology makeup of men!)

What was the first thing that sparked me to change my weight?

I went for a doctor visit, took my physical exam, waited for the results and found out I was PRE-DIABETIC! Instantly, like in a blink of an eye I saw my entire obese aunts, uncles, cousins, mother and brother (til I helped him shed lbs and gain muscle) and in two words said: FUCK THIS! After that I went to a free nutritionist who gave me poor advice (free = poor advice), but I used it to my advantage, did some research myself and dropped 34lbs in 6 months.

How did I do that? It was called under-eating (1600) and massive amounts of cardio work for 5-6 times a week, not including 2-3 more sessions of working out at home. Plus I deprived myself to no end. Never touching one chip or a cookie. So, what happened? I put the weight right back on. See because during the time I still didn’t understand the word: Lifestyle! I resorted right back to my old ways of eating.

More Great News!

Another doctor visit: My tests showed my thyroid’s meant to be underactive. Now, could you imagine how discouraged I felt after this? First I piled the weight back on and NOW THIS SHIT! She gave me a purple pill and told me “this is the solution to your problem.” BULLSHIT! The pill helped ZERO! The rest I did on my own! By this time 2005-2006 I was working for a gym, personal training. I decided to get into this field after I helped my brother shed massive weight/fat from an astounding 300lbs to a healthy confident 230lbs of rock solid muscle. Of course now he’s embedded to me forever! 😉

I wanted to be on my A-game and show people that, “If I can do it, you can do it too.” So I lost weight again. Quite quickly! (I love putting in the physical work!) At this point of my Life I was starting to feel like the yo-yoing of Janet Jackson. Now I can keep going on the subject, but for now Bodybuilding ~Bodysculpting is my thing! Also let it be known that I train hard, diet (hard on~off~on~off) and I don’t take that goddamn pill!

And it’s an endless struggle still for reasons known and unknown. But it’s a fabulous thing that I love me challenges to begin with. It keeps me on my toes, as it should you.