Training Life: So In Love!

What I love about the Training Life is being able to control what I do when I do and how I do it. I have no problem putting in the physical work. (The nutrition work and finding what works with my body’s chemistry is something I’m still practicing on.)  However when I fail, I know it was because of me. When I win, it’s because I did it all the same.

I think it’s safe to say that at times it’s a love and hate relationship. I believe it all depends on your passion and perspective. I don’t expect life and it’s golden glory to come to me in rose-colored glasses. But I play the game with the wisdom I own through my upbringing, values, principles, work ethics, philosophy, discipline, faith, character and training. Every time I train, I’m hardened and at full recovery at all times.

I never stop believing in myself or what and how I can do for myself. It’s all a mental game. A game brimming of mental individuality and of mental independence. You stand alone. You keep faith. You hold on. And I do. Through the good, bad, fucked up and ugly. As long as I work, no matter how big or minimal the pivotal points of my life may become I know the only way I can and will go is forward with whatever my heart, soul, spirit and mind is set on..

Speaking of which, what I really love is when I touch/poke/feel my body and I can sense the curves. A flashback shoots in my mental rolodex, of the pain, sweat, agony, burn, anxiety, anger, loathe and sick punishment I put myself through to twitch all these slow, medium and fast fibers. It’s human sculpture at it’s best. It’s acquiring your character to be: Chiseled. If I sit a certain way or stand, the curves of my muscles flex and I can visualize everything much more clearly. It sets me back to focus. The desire, compels and consumes me under my fat and the hard work I put forth is slowly coming through.

And this makes me so in love.



5 thoughts on “Training Life: So In Love!

  1. Marry me! Just kidding!

    We have the same passion Ines. This is the character of someone who really knows what they want, striving for it and loving the process through and through. It’s a game, and I love playing it. Keep it pumping my friend!


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