Ultimate Press Bar

Started using my Ultimate Press Bar and it’s motherfuckin’ fabulous!

I can perform my Reverse Push-ups, Dips and Hanging Knee Raises.  Now KNOW I love my dumbbells first!  Barbells and Machines second.  So why did I resort to buying this Press Bar?  A few reasons, but one major reason is due to the fact that I want to learn how to master my bodyweight.  It’s very important to master one’s own bodyweight because this would mean you have an outstanding foundation!  One could use their entire body as one unit.  So, instead of bench pressing and only moving half your body, you can move your whole body and double the heart rate, the calories, oxygen consumption and hit more muscle fibers, no?!

Now shouldn’t this be common sense?  It should, right?  I mean, off the top of my head there are people who prove  bodyweight exercises are the shit:  Those that go into the Army.  I mean, we all know a person has to pass a physical exam before they can join the Be all You Can Be squad.  And those who have to work their asses off to be highly conditioned in order to perform badass moves like roundhouse kicks and flying knees.  Welcome to the jungle of MMA (Mixed Martials Arts)!

So of course with the journey of Training Life comes stubbornness (excuses as to why I don’t want to change my exercise program, the fear and the constant hesitation of trying something new) and a billion cases of trials and errors.  Or in my case, mindlessly jumping into probably one of the biggest errors I’ve done thus far, which was Lift, Lift, Lift!  (I have the injuries and setbacks to prove it! )  Lifting because I love anything I can wrap my hand around that’s made out of metal and steel.  Nothing moves me or makes me feel quite as ecstatic, alive and as fucking powerful as going against resistance.  Could be a psychological thing?  You know like rebelling.  But this is obviously done in a different fashion.  *puts finger to lip*  Who really knows?

However buying the Ultimate Body Press will motivate me to change my ways once again.  Nothing in Life or in Training is suppose to be set in it’s ways anyhow.  If so, then I/you’re not maturing much in and out the many facets concerning your everyday or personal life.  I know how hard it is to change one’s belief systems, simply because  you truly believe you KNOW all that there is to KNOW.  And NO! Usually not the case. It takes a Lifetime (sometimes way more) just to master 1 skill. Anyhow as usual, I came to my senses or better yet I let my intuition guide steer me naturally towards a path I’m destined to be.  Crazy! because my Training Life is so deep that I do feel it on a subconscious and spiritual level as oppose to only hitting it on the surface (physical) or what it could also be looked at for:  Vanity Purposes.

On another note, I have realize, not only can I use my Ultimate Press Bar for Training benefits.  But I’m thinking about using it for sexual duties too.  Yes I love the idea and yes it sort of goes hand in hand with one another, don’t you think?  I can come up with a few sexual positions on this Bar.

Why not, right? 😉



2 thoughts on “Ultimate Press Bar

  1. This post is why I read your blog every day. Your passion inspires me to do MORE. Last night, I failed at life. Now, I’m going for a run. Who knows what’s next! I just need to keep lifting (… and mixing up my own routine) in ways that take out of my personal comfort zone. xo


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