Film: Something Borrowed

My thumb is down for this movie.

Maybe I had a little bit of higher expectations? Maybe since I thought it was originally created from a novel it would be good? Maybe I thought this film would be funnier throughout the slow gears it seem to move by? Maybe it felt flat to me (although Ginnifer Goodwin brought out emotions within). Maybe I thought since there’s seemingly a good cast this film would be decent at it’s best? So why did I leave feeling blah?

May I just say that I didn’t even realize how ugly Kate Hudson is IN real life and up on the big screen? God she’s hideous! How could A-Rod hit that and not overlook this blonde butterface monster? Pretty fucking gross if you ask me! *pukes* Moving along, why did I go see this flick (since I don’t normally watch  romantic comedies)? I’m a sucker for romantic triangles. I find it more fascinating and two times more complicated than just observing one couple winging shit.

The plot of the movie: Ginnifer is a single, sort of unhappy attorney who one night has much to drink and wakes up the next morning with Kate (best friend) Hudson’s fiance in bed. (But don’t worry I promise you that Ginnifer knew Colin first. And this is what you, the audience have to figure out. Is she in the right? Or in the wrong? Will she be with Colin and in the process remain best friend’s with Kate? Or will her and Colin part ways and keep everything a secret? What?)

My first problem with this movie is: I found this movie was geared towards a specific type of Caucasians. They made tons of references I couldn’t get and it had me wondering in a pack theater: “How middle or upper class does one have to be in order to understand these jokes?”  This wasn’t funny and I wasn’t prepared for this type of humor as typically nowadays films are evenly suited for a myriad of generation, ages, race and humor. This movie failed me in this respect.

The other thing I disliked about the story itself was how the main character Colin was simply a man (still) being brainwashed by his family. Therefore he’s immature in this sense and allows discouragement to settle and take over at any cost. Not to mention he’s a complete child when it comes to making his own decisions about Life. (I dated a guy once who was just like this. Lived by every single word his family and his culture rose him upon. Quite horrible! Please ladies don’t ever waste your time.) As far as Kate is concern, it’s Kate playing Kate. So, what else is new? She looks awfully ugly, drunk, fat, lazy and tired throughout the entire movie.

The upside to this movie was: The previews beforehand. 😉 No, uh Ginnifer, Steve Howey and John Krasinski were the only ones who stole the scenes in this film.  Ginnifer did her charming, good gal, tail between her legs thing well. Steve did his outrageous brute and over-the-top antics that would have any asshole, jerk or person with a soulful sense of humor laugh out loud. And John is John, charm face, sarcastic genuine mellow guy that he is. (Yeah, who doesn’t like John? Only the bitches who like assholes and evidently who are Size Queens to boot!)

Last and least: The many times the scenes were in New York City and in the Hampton were comforting. And I don’t know if this was done intentionally (I’m sure it was!) throughout the film – it seemed Ginnifer and John ate here everyday – but they indeed kept advertising one of my favorite places to eat (especially during a cheat meal fest): Shake Shack. What was the deal there?

Rating: RENTER at best.


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