Video: Doesn’t This Pump You Up?

It sure does me!

Whenever I’m feeling a little low on the vibration of motivation, I can turn to videos I know will spark up and rev the engine in my bleeding heart. Quite interesting how in the beginning of this video Haley answers a question with a question: “Why wouldn’t somebody want to be big? I don’t understand.” I fucking agree! Which leads me to go off on my own rant… I like to call Pennington’s Briefs.

On the case about Women: What I don’t understand is why women want to look like thin rail supermodels? Why are they always trying to fit into skinny jeans when (most likely) women are taking the visions and fashion advice from gay thin males? Why wouldn’t women want to be strong so they can defend themselves in case someone came along and tried to mug or God Forbid rape them? Why are women so comfortable playing the card of the victim? Why does a woman feel she have to impress/be fearful/remain a good gal by allowing a male’s ego to be boastful and full of masculinity? Is this the only way she can feel secure, by allowing her man to be all the things she wouldn’t dare to be? Why wouldn’t these women want to pride themselves on their own strength: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?

On the case of Men: What I don’t understand is why are there so many men in the world who are overweight but don’t comprehend that they have no right to be? First reason being: Men don’t carry 3 basketballs within their stomach only to give birth to children in the end? I’ve never met a guy who can give birth. Have you? Why are men obese when their hormones don’t fluctuate nearly (as much) as women, nor do men hold 8% essential body fat compared to women? Why are men completely comfortable with exposing their bellies? They get undressed and wear it like a badge of honor (like Buddha) among the streets with their hands folded as it lies on top of their bellies as if it were a coffee table? Seriously, what the fuck is that?

If I were a man, knowing how simple it is to get muscle due to high levels of testosterone I wouldn’t fuck around. I’d be in the gym day in and day out building (as how I’m doing now).ย  And if I were a man and I didn’t sport muscles I would be embarrassed to call myself a man, even if I brought home the bacon, spend time with my wife/kids and have solutions to almost any problem in the world. The definition of a man is to display a hardbody, is to perform physical labor, is to flaunt around your strength, not your gut. So, again, what’s wrong with everyday regular men? Oh I know: They’re a bunch of flaccid dicks who prefer to watch their favorite athletes/superheros do what they could never achieve themselves. Simply because they’re too fucking lazy! What fuckin losers?

And women. Tsk. Tsk. They have a lot of growing out of centuries to do!

To all my men who want to look and live like real He-Men, who are striving to be athletes no matter what age.. To all my women who refuse to live like victims who want to stand out of society, who want to better themselves physically with productive strength and accomplishments.. living in and out the gym, sweating the fat, sugars, carbs out, who are growing beastly arms and legs, who are dieting, who are looking to be ripped and shredded or be bigger than Arnold or Heath. My fucking heart and soul goes out to you’s. I know how hard it is, how many years it takes, how much discipline goes down the bodysculpting hole. I love YOU guys! And the rest..who’s going to notice them? They’re on their fucking couch watching Kobe, A-Rod, Batman wasting away anyhow. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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