The Power of KELP

I have a thyroid problem.

Who doesn’t, right?  It seems there are roughly 13 million Americans who are experiencing some type of Catch-22 with their Thyroid.  And just to get this out of the way, more women than men tend to have a Thyroid problem.  One being overactive.  Or two being underactive.  (Which do you guess I am?)   Now I want to say that although I wouldn’t wish this on anyone looking to keep their metabolism steady and energy production going.  Or even to somebody looking to maintain a decent or be in top shape for years to come.  I am comforted by the fact that it isn’t a rare condition and I can take steps to improve my thyroid issues.

(So I believe?)

This would be another vicious card to fuck with me in Life.  But I’m all fucking smiles!  And to keep rebooting myself and my motivation going forward I must accept it and move on.  (I’m going to thank my family PERSONALLY one day soon on how they fucked me over in the genetic department as well.  Fuckin assholes!) 😉

The thyroid gland is so fucking important for regulating the metabolism, maintaining a healthy weight and for promoting energy.  Furthering my studies, one of the herbs in this world that can possibly assist in a normal function of my thyroid gland is:  KELP.

What is Kelp?  Click here.  The first sentence says it all.  If Japan and China came to mind when you read Seaweed.. then pat yourself on the back!  Keep in mind their are tons of different types of Kelp.  There isn’t any surprise on my reading of Kelp has left me to purchase a huge bottle in pill form as oppose to cooking the seaweed up and possibly having it in soup form or a side dish.  Something funky and salty.  Ugh!  No thanks! 😀

What amazes me is how Kelp alone has 21 amino acids? 😮

Some of the benefits of Kelp are (in no order):

Vitamin rich (in A, B, C, D, E, and K.)
Kelp is rich in over 60 different minerals/elements such as:
(Iodine, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron and Zinc to name a few.)
Regulates the Pituitary gland/Endocrine function.
Regulates body temperature.
Controls appetite.
Helps the hair to grow.
Are used as antibiotics.
Balances acids and alkalies within the body.
Lowers cholesterol/blood pressure (as long as the iodine is balance within the body).
Improves liver function.
Reduces arthritis pain.
A good source of fiber, boosting your metabolism and digestive system.
May reduce the outbreaks (if one) has Herpes.
May ward off cancer due to the phytochemicals in Kelp.
May fight against wicked Allergies.
Supposedly suppresses AIDS.

Anyhow my Underactive Thyroid has a name:  Hypothyroidism.  And even though I didn’t list all of them, here are some symptoms of Hypothyroidism:

Having a hard time adapting to cold temperatures.
Cold Skin (Especially hands & feet)
An enlarged Thyroid Gland (That’s me!)
Easy to gain weight (As if you’re inhaling food!)
Body swelling/Puffiness (Especially hands, feet and eyes)
Thinning Hair
Depression (including manic episodes in severe cases.)
Possible memory loss which can deteriorate with age.

I know millions of people suffer with this thyroid issue.  It sucks and plays a trick on your mind.  And when one is on a mission to their ultimate physique it can be disheartening.  I’m like am I ever going to succeed and get to the place I want to get to?  It becomes a mental handicap (for me at times).  I know that if one isn’t careful, one can fall off their goals and sudden focus.  It’s important to build and strengthen new motivation skills and strategies so one doesn’t lose track by glancing back.  So this is currently something else I’m working on besides my Thyroid.

I’ve had a few different doctors over the years until I found one I like.  She was a little timid on telling me how big my thyroid is.  And blah blah, gave me a purple pill to balance out the T-4’s and T-3’s in my system.  But since it didn’t help me to shed any lbs.  I figured I could do without the pill she gave me.  I’ve been using Kelp for the past few weeks now and the one thing I can say is it pulls the water/piss right out of my system.  I’m going to the bathroom more than usual.  Quite interesting to say the least.

If YOU my friend have been using/eating/drinking (tea) Kelp or know someone who does or currently is.. I’d be more than happy to know their thoughts or side effects on the matter.  Thanks in advance.

Here’s to being a Guinea Pig,


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