Breast Sweat!

Yeah, so sometimes I wonder how many men in the world like Tittie Sweat?

As I write this.. my lovely lad smells my stretched out white sleeping bra.  He’s as interesting as the familiar eye he’s giving me.  The look that knows what I know well:  Pet peeved!  I (normally) don’t like it when he or anyone tries or succeeds in taking a whiff of my sweat, never mind the breast sweat!  It’s intimate, private and grossly personal.  (Boy, do I have intimacy issues! ;)) Frankly it annoys the fuck out of me!   And this would probably be why he does it?  Just to aggravate my nerves with benevolent hilarity.

A good hour or hour and a half session of weight-lifting plus cardio will leave plenty of moisture underneath the savages of these breasts of mine.  Just a few hours ago on the elliptical I felt the perspiration squishing my bra to the underbelly of both these ladies.  It’s weird.  I take my shirt and slide it under the ill-disciplined gals to hurry and collect funky moisture.  Also the thought never crosses my mind when it comes to doing all this in public as I ogle the accumulation of dirty looks from certain (possibly deeply insecure) women and alongside dubious thought bubbles leaving from the heads of men.  Why are people so fucking nosy?  Why must they insist on watching me clear sweat away from my boobs?

What don’t I like about this lady sweat?.. besides the faint fragrant and the under-wire.  Oh, maybe the ring of water?  Invisible dirt/color forming?  And most likely the dead skin cells ensnared and being suffocated in what I’d like to call auto-pilot mode?  Gee, let me guess!  Wondering if I’m a filthy gal for handling things pretty well?  Or maybe it’s the self-conscious feeling of evaluating my own conscious Self?  Ah!  Not to mention if I’m not careful I break out in small rashes easily.  <Insert loud obnoxious sigh here!>

Maybe I should take it as a compliment?   My (on/off ) partner wanting every tang and sweat coming out of my pores, whether it’s from the funk skunk of my underarms to the mush sweat glistening behind the backs of my pliable knees.  Maybe it’s me?   But when you love something or someone you find their foul or their moments of natural perfume/cologne odor animalistic rather flavorful and exceedingly arousing.  I think there may be hidden magic in the unclean person too?  (Probably not in me though?)

Does anyone else smell their partner’s sweat whether it’s from the warmth of her breasts or the working days of his balls and find it to be cool, forgiving, lovely or moving?

Inquiring minds wants to know. 



5 thoughts on “Breast Sweat!

  1. yes I love the breast sweat from my fiances body it really turns me on and gives me instant arousal. She is so hot natured so she is sweating all the time and she has the biggest most beautiful breasts


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