Just Breathe On Me…

Before we went inside the room.

There was a couple in front of us giggly loudly, smelling like sticky black leather, voluminous wild frizzy hair and cigarettes to fill half a bar.  A young jaw-chiseled attractive man with his v-neck hugging to his bulging muscles was as appealing as having vision in both eyes.  Nonchalantly right next to him was an older woman, caramel skin with breasts and hips just like a Latin Island with clothes on so tight she stood as naked as a mannequin.  And me and my fling of the month looked at one another to trade the thoughts of our eyes by the serious age difference of this couple.

Fast-forward and now we’re Inhaling the green and clogging our throats with the stain of smoke and chemicals.  He passes me a Mango nectar drink, something I’ve never had before.  I stood smiling at him with my eyes and cringing before the sugar touched my virgin taste buds.  We were watching television like mindless zombies.  Except my mind was on guard, heavy like I imagine a Chastity belt would be on anyone’s pelvis.  I observed.. through the haze I was getting myself into.. these jumping free spirit thoughts and escalating hormones.. they stood quite still in the moments in which I killed lots of time.  I notice how quiet his mind was.  But how at the same time his thoughts leaped off the wall in bounds to plot the obvious:  “How do I get closer to her without coming on too strong?”  His body language slumped coolly in the chair as if he were James Dean in some cocky Durango boots.  He was as every other understanding I’ve taken from human behavior, easy to figure out.

Like some things in life, it’s better to remain calm, drive from the back seat, yet give someone the card to play only if they have earn it.  Nothing exciting and full of value comes with simplicity.  But I decided to give him a little leeway as I know how difficult it can be to get close to someone quite as shielded and complex as me.  I slipped out of my sneakers, scooted back on the bed and started stretching.  Legs as wide as I could get them, inner thighs stretching, sending blood towards my groin.  In my head I figure:  Why not stir his mind up slowly?  I looked him in the eye as if he had my future written in them and ask him casually, “So did you want to fuck that Curvy Island lady we saw outside?”  Not wanting to ruin the moment or make any sudden error he answers while shrugging his shoulders, “She has a nice body.  But the guy she was with looked so young.”

In and out of conversation we went through as he worked his way over until he sat in between my semi-split.  Then the only thing I could remember from there was his hungry passionate eyes staring deep into mine and I felt the radiation melting on the pores of my skin.  My heart rate escalating as how his was when he caressed the features of my face with a light butterfly touch.  I shied away pulling my face nervously left to right.  His smooth lips pressed against my cheek and out a short exhale whispered a hello.  I turned my face to his cheek and kissed his cheek right back with the same exhale greet.  Hello.  And then we met eye to eye, lips to lips and we exchanged inhales and exhales sucking up each others breaths…

To be continued…



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