Video For WordPress!

Excuse the uh’s. 

I mean, what else can I say during pauses?  *Someone ballsy shouts off in the dark distance from the land of pure absence and states SAY NOTHING!*  Uh’s can get pretty annoying.  Surely I’m aware of this.  And at the same time a round of a FUCK YOU goes out to that person who prefers for me to keep shut rather than voice an Uh.  Hah!

I wonder if I could ever get used to whipping up one of these silly videos more often.  I’ve done some Training Videos in the past.  But they weren’t good at all!  Just one working set of an exercise.  I’m not video/edit smart nor am I truly confident on anything live…so I tell myself.

Awkward, no?!  I think YES! 😉


I also did another Video for my Xanga blog.  And if anyone could guess one thing different (besides the most obvious!) about the two videos.. I’ll give you a prize.  Name it!  Warning:  May the prize be appropriate, cheap or free.  I kid!



3 thoughts on “Video For WordPress!

  1. Firstly, I hear you. My suggestion: Just fucking do it! Don’t make me go there and put some sense into you.

    Secondly: I fucking love this video. I know it’s not much but I love and appreciate your personality and reckon you and I will get along real well. “Smash some fucking weights.” Fuck yes my kind of girl!


    1. Thanks love. I absolutely appreciate your comment, your words and compliments. You always make me feel good. You know one day we’re going to have to meet up and rock the fuck out with coffee, training, lounging…and I still want to meet Max! 😉


  2. Well, when you come visit you’re welcome to stay and meet Max, rock some fucking iron and coffee. Or if I’m around your area we can rock the weights and coffe. You’re welcome!


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