Without Fail

how many relationships could we
have saved along the way
if we forgave,
essentially communicated
within the present
taken time out to tear off our ears
and put them against the voice and mind
of the speaker
become a watcher
avoid selfish love and convenience
of seeking pleasure
treat you like a real person
spring you alive right inside
when I sit to sympathize
and fill in your boots to empathize
open our arms
wide as laughter and full smiles in a room of alcoholics at a bar
polishing your every dream on a star
and say:
I’m here, always, as your friend
I will support
encourage and lend
my warmest courtesy
to help you improve
and set you straight
because it behooves me not to
and even when the world betrays you
at the darkest hour
I’ll be here, queue, for you,
without fail

Written after regaining a friendship


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