*Sings* It’s Been A While..

Do I look too serious?
Can you tell I don’t clean the smudge off my mirror nearly often enough? 😀

And no I haven’t forgotten about my WordPress.  Or any of you great people who have faithfully read and still come through to like/comment or message me privately about my work, theories and the likes.  I appreciate it!  YOU, YOU YOU and everything in between to the fullest.  So a big warm “Thank You” comes from me to all of you.  Thanks for sticking with me even when I least expect it. 😉

As of lately, I’ve just been a Hot Mess and doing my best to regain my sense of Self or even Purpose for that matter?  *Sings*  I’m losing my religion.  But I’m here for the moment and decided since I haven’t written anything in what seems like forever.. I’d share with you a poem I’m working on.  The current title I have may change (and so may the poem itself) but it’s under:  Don’t Chase Me Round.

And everywhere I turn, there you are.
In a stranger’s laugh, a toddler holding mummy’s hand.
In every expression I vouched No to a Drug.
Every Death I yearn in a suicide of a leader’s band.
The map of my blood, the brother I disown as my own.
And you there when I try and sleep while holding the moon.
And you there when I wake up early day getting burned by the sun.
Bringing me to hell of a state of such Doom by Womb.


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