“Empty Stomach Reality”

It’s amazing what an injury or two and some good recovery time can do for anyone.

It’s even more interesting what time unfolds when the spirit is enlighten by what’s behind the eyes of the mind.  During the course of a plain, yet therapeutic Summer I decided to auto-suggest through inscribed poetry just how I fancy to readily starve myself as a form of strict(er) discipline and vital observation.  Mostly psychological since I’m starting to believe balance may be overrated?  And by the time Fall came I dove frighteningly into the unknown:  Fasting.

What was it about not eating I feared the most?  How come it took me months to convince myself all will be okay after long inspection over a span of different sources?  Did I not have faith in my self?  Sure I did.  But I was skeptical about insulin spikes, cortisol rising after not eating 4-5 hours, starvation mode, hitting some kind of plateau and in the process losing hard earn muscle I worked my ass for.  In the end of the over-analyzing phase I rose above it as quickly as some stranger’s verbal abuse.

And even though I thought:  Can anyone actually be prepared to Fast?  Truth be told, who’s prepared to do anything in Life?  Sometimes one absorbs things by constant studies as others discover knowledge only through difficult adversity.  Either way, one has to learn how to take a punch or roll with the punches while you smile with a heart of gold and never leave your prized precise intuition at home.  But to brand your mark on everything, no?

I suppose all this fret had to surface before I could decide to take it as it comes.  Needless to say my first Fasting experience was a breeze despite the mammoth headache I underwent the next day which more than likely had to do with the fact my body was going through withdrawal from a daily abundance of caffeine.

It behooves me to point out the mere fact that there are millions of people around the globe who never reach the degree of abstaining nor disciplining themselves in the ways of zero pleasure.  Oh, the many reasons why we devour and savor our love for colorful pills, fancy glistening food packages that catch our eyes from a naughty distance, mouth sex with our drinks we call comfort with a daily dose of whatever-have-you’s of supreme pleasures no matter how fictitious or original the illusion may be when we tread enchantingly on helium brain clouds.

Once pleasure (in any form) is subtracted from your everyday life, I guarantee the background static noise one was trying to escape from will come double or triple in force.  Some people call this a Life crisis (at some point).  I call this an Avoidance of Life.  Ever wonder what happens when you’re not busy ignoring Life?  What senses were blocked but suddenly comes shooting alive again?  Would you dare to challenge yourself to abstain from not only simple pleasures but the deep dark seeds cradling your soul?  How long would you do it for?  A week?  One month or maybe six?  If not, get on my level and email me about what you learned about yourself later. 😉

Anyhow, when I first dared to abstain from pleasure in my life for a little while.  I went straight to Sex first.  My thought questions were simple:  Why am I having sex?  Is it done out of love, out of habit or because society tells me I must engage in sex?  What is natural sex and does it exist?  My month to month self-examination went well and some questions became answered while others have gone unanswered to this day.

Still some things I learned was just how adamant a person’s sexual energy or arousal level was when they walked into the room.  Sometimes their entire presence became like a bully, completely overbearing.  And during this time I despised people who were solely about sex, whether it was a friendly conversation turn provocative or whether it was/is the only center of focus in their life.  Everything from the billboards on Times Square, patiently waiting for Train on a sex-filled poster platform and listening to every scandalous lyric sex song just made it clear how disgusting these marketing tools are used to fuel everyone’s curiosity and obsession about sex again and again and again.

Then came the Nutrition part.  My only true thought was:  How do I go about detoxing my taste buds?  How do I get it to a natural state of bland without having ever done it before in my life?  Could I do this alone without a nutritionist or coach?  How long will it take?  Will this make me a better person?  And slowly, but surely I knew what it was to be able to disregard taste and all of it’s chemical friends while Fast Food Nation became my everyday study bible.

Now to get back to the full point of the subject here:  It’s dangerously strange what NOT eating can do for your way of Life.  Now I know Fasting isn’t for everyone.  However I could also say the same about the endless Diets I believe mocks the world and ourselves if you allow it.  I mean, does it not bother the millions of stupid people:  How the Fitness & Diet industry make billions solely based on that very same stupidity?  Hah!  Then my thought questions came about more like this:  Do I want to be considered a Professional Dieter?  Do I want to be consumed by Calorie Counting forever?  Do I really want to build acid in my stomach because I must eat every 2-3 hours?  Or could I do something entirely different?

And I present to you the benefits of what Fasting has done for me.  And of course you can make up your own mind and fit in your very own valid equations.  However since this post was longer than what I expected it’s..

To be continued…



6 thoughts on ““Empty Stomach Reality”

  1. There are lessons in abstaining from anything. When I took a month off ALL of technology earlier this year I learned a great deal — about me, as well as those about me. But abstaining is most often temporary. Clearly I’m back into tech, and in hyper mode. What we learn when we (may) go back to that which we abstain from, is vulnerability — weakness. We discover the weakness within.

    Food is different. To survive, we must go back to food after fasting. The real lesson for you will be whether or not you will continue to temporarily abstain. I’m betting you will….


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