Nothing As It Seems

Everything is a lie.

Ain’t that the spirit?

I don’t say this with a bitter heart.  I’m compassionate when I give someone access beyond hard armor.
Is it strange I place my faith upon?..

Whatever you desire, you believe is real.  But it’s not.  Nothing is what it seems.  If need be, review the fickleness within your friends, dependency versus interpersonal cyclic manipulative roads between every relation and lover.

Give attention to the gloom under your rug where buried secret emotions dance against it’s own twilight and into tainted expectations that mesh well with authentic delusions.



2 thoughts on “Nothing As It Seems

  1. More cryptic than usual, but always compelling. I don’t have a secret decoder ring to help figure this one out. I’ll just have to read, reread, and figure it out in time. Hoping I’m not the target.


    1. I have opened up my eyes about a relationship I’m currently on and off with. Ultimately, through the last few posts, I have now seen the actions and lack there of with everything. I do not write about my true personal life on WordPress. This is for another blog community entirely. Definitely am not targeting you. 🙂


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