Happy Chatter

“LOGIC trumps the heart.” -N.V.A.

I’m happy that I’m the kind of person who prefers to think.  I take Life sober.  I’m happy I’m not contained within a box ruled by each and every desire like an evil man who can’t separate between fact or fiction or want and need.  I’m happy I’m also the kind of person who has a knack for people and their behaviors on what makes them tic and what simply doesn’t.

Let alone how their views change of the world itself even when their world is motionless.  Here, here:  Cheat with the one who cheated on you.  You’ve adjusted your mind and altered your justifications of greed about monogamy as long as your wife doesn’t find out.  I’m happy I clue in instantly instinctively.

As humans, we want a bit of confirmation for the truth that freezes us in time and utter thought.  Yearning for confirmation however can be a terrible thing to honor in this meaninglessness existence we call Life by which we are slaves to what we say or what another person feels.  Cause and effect and so on are dangerous little bits looking for their part in their methods of a way to survive.

I’m pretty happy how I’m getting closer to the point where I’ll be completely free from the chains of a nine year history.  I’m happy I’m an individual to be able to clarify the obvious:   To become aware of the fact that when something isn’t working, it isn’t a matter of weighty will or even about executing precise action.  But of constructing a never-ending plan full of alternatives and priorities.. not of temperamental promises or the ever-changing compromises of a circumstantial reaction.

“Follow your mind, not your heart” in this is where I thrive in my happiness of chatter.



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