A Dangerous Method

last night
auto suggest:
leave these four rigid walls
stop the madness
that dwells on the edge
of sanity

disregard gray clouds
and slicing rain
surf Fandango
in search for a film
that screams fuck mainstream
where acting a skill
directing a fine art
to draw upon the elderly
to seduce a lady in her youthful hoodie
who believes she’s forty plus
but who’s only thirty

Lincoln Plaza
a new place
down to escalator
to marvel at the boring appeal
happiness excites
overcomes growls of Fasting hours
and with every heave
a pleasure of self-abuse demand of
delayed onset muscle soreness
commands everything about present time

unbundled the nerves
undress the warmth indoors
scout the audience, small screen
standard auditorium
sit amongst strangers
who share a common interest in
Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung

a shoe brushed and nudged my arm
I took it sexual as the innuendo
of the film have gave way
to a yearning of the subconscious
from two parts, kindred spirits
connected by a quick beginner glare
and a sudden betrayal of my back
how in front I sat

like a dream
to be on a set with David Cronenberg
to take on characters
who speak with doctor sophistication
relish in the swell intoxication
of gigantic vocabulary
and insanity
and destruction
are one with creative forces

I start thinking
how stimulating one can be
in the Now of existence
even with moments shared alone
brimming thoughts
easily slip away
when there isn’t time to create
hand to pen and paper
to know of a thing

to be consumed by the things you Hate
is a promise to being It tomorrow.




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