I’m starved in a void.
Enjoying the finer things of what I destroy.
Looking for happiness in all the wrong places.
Juggling the present with fake laughs and different faces.
I question the anxiety of my future.
And fantasize to death about a neutered suitor.

Is it silly of me to ask another to make me cum?
To play my Latin blood passion into the beat of drums.
But spit in my hand an excuse of a fallen mark.
An overzealous spark became too dark to disembark.
Desperate I thought to go out and have sex with the world.
Blame it on my lover for not gleaming me a pearl.

Wasting time and not respecting my talents.
It’ll leave me washed like nursing homes and the elderly in famine.
All I hear are the cries of forgotten melodies.
And judges that won’t let up on this life’s felonies.
Running from memories where I became the absentee.
Too unhappy to unleash the phoenix rhapsody within me.


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