About Ms. Hall

Frederick Winters during 1904 Summer Olympics
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The names PenningtonHall.

I created this alter ego a few years back in 2006 to get me into my mental mode of the Training Life. I have a strong passion for anything involving fitness from my favorite Bodybuilding to Sports and Mixed Martial Arts. Why I love the The Fit Lifestyle so much? It’s seems to be the only aspect in my life where I feel I have a sense of good control, self-discipline, allows me to toughen up my mental/emotional character, gives me inspiring dreams, goals and steady structure.

It’s quite interesting: how over the years I wanted to be a die-hard bodybuilder, yet I lifted like a Powerlifter (when I first started). All I wanted was to be HUGE and BUFF!! It’s even more intriguing to learn how things can change over the years. I now want to have more of a Figure Competitor’s look.

So, Why do I love lifting? Because it gives me raw passion, an outlet, is my therapy, feeds me freedom, power, an adrenaline rush and mental/physical strength. Why do I want muscles? I want to show the world how mentally and capably strong I’ am on the inside, but by displaying it on the outside. I also want to intimidate people by first glance. 😉 This journey of mine has been hella long with many trials and error. And all in due time, I will have everything as long as I keep my eye on the prize.

Now, How did I come across WordPress to begin with? I stumbled across WordPress from other friends who post about their own personal life and fitness adventures. I figured let me follow suit especially since I’m growing stale on my other Blog Community by the name of Xanga. I’m the kind of person who gets bored easily, so starting another new project as simple as a new blog would breathe new life into me and into my writing. And I love writing just as deeply as the Training Life.

This blog: will have a little bit of everything, covering my workout reflections mostly – (workout regimen will be on my other site on xanga.com under Pennington_Hall), to the high’s/low’s on daily life, what’s the latest movie I saw, some poetry, to my theories about people, relationships and thoughts about sex.

Stay tuned, if you like…


If anyone would like to join me on my Facebook Page by the name of “Training Life Challenges,” feel free to let me know. We have such a pleasant group of people on there from all backgrounds on there. I so love this group.!:)


4 thoughts on “About Ms. Hall

  1. Not sure where to respond on Tumblr so I figured I’d give you my email. Also, I wish I had seen your mother’s dad card on someecards sooner! HILARIOUS!


  2. Nice blog and lovely I.G page. Could not find you on i.g so i tried here use the email to hit me up thanks


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