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Frederick Winters during 1904 Summer Olympics
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The names PenningtonHall.

I created this alter ego a few years back in 2006 to get me into my mental mode of the Training Life. I have a strong passion for anything involving fitness from my favorite Bodybuilding to Sports and Mixed Martial Arts. Why I love the The Fit Lifestyle so much? Itโ€™s seems to be the only aspect in my life where I feel I have a sense of good control, self-discipline, allows me to toughen up my mental/emotional character, gives me inspiring dreams, goals and steady structure.

It’s quite interesting: how over the years I wanted to be a die-hard bodybuilder, yet I lifted like a Powerlifter (when I first started). All I wanted was to be HUGE and BUFF!! It’s even more intriguing to learn how things can change over the years. I now want to have more of a Figure Competitor’s look.

So, Why do I love lifting? Because it gives me raw passion, an outlet, is my therapy, feeds me freedom, power, an adrenaline rush and mental/physical strength. Why do I want muscles? I want to show the world how mentally and capably strong I’ am on the inside, but by displaying it on the outside. I also want to intimidate people by first glance. ๐Ÿ˜‰ This journey of mine has been hella long with many trials and error. And all in due time, I will have everything as long as I keep my eye on the prize.

Now, How did I come across WordPress to begin with? I stumbled across WordPress from other friends who post about their own personal life and fitness adventures. I figured let me follow suit especially since Iโ€™m growing stale on my other Blog Community by the name of Xanga. Iโ€™m the kind of person who gets bored easily, so starting another new project as simple as a new blog would breathe new life into me and into my writing. And I love writing just as deeply as the Training Life.

This blog: will have a little bit of everything, covering my workout reflections mostly – (workout regimen will be on my other site on xanga.com under Pennington_Hall), to the highโ€™s/lowโ€™s on daily life, what’s the latest movie I saw, some poetry, to my theories about people, relationships and thoughts about sex.

Stay tuned, if you likeโ€ฆ


If anyone would like to join me on my Facebook Page by the name of “Training Life Challenges,” feel free to let me know. We have such a pleasant group of people on there from all backgrounds on there. I so love this group.!:)



4 thoughts on “About Ms. Hall

  1. Not sure where to respond on Tumblr so I figured I’d give you my email. Also, I wish I had seen your mother’s dad card on someecards sooner! HILARIOUS!


  2. Nice blog and lovely I.G page. Could not find you on i.g so i tried here use the email to hit me up thanks


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