Repel Crazy

This is the latest poem slash song (because I could sing it to the song below).  Evidently, this poem is based on the current events of my life and has been inspired by Lana Del Rey – so don’t be surprised when there’s like one or two lines I borrowed from her.  Still, this is my original work.  Hope you enjoy until next time.  Thanks for reading everyone. 🙂

Repel Crazy

I can hear the rhythms in my head.
Love is what’s unsaid.
Everything else is dead.
Glad we made our beds.

I shed my heart and soul for you.
That’s what we allowed.
Time is comfort glue.
But we’re so over now.

I shared my body and life with you.
It’s all over now.
There’s nothing we could do.
I feel like such a fool.

You like your quiet and your distance.
And you’re happy without missions.
And you like sex and video games.
And I’m finally happy we’re up in flames.

I’m a little bit wild baby.
And you’re a little bit famous for your vanilla. (Yeah, yeah)
I’m a little bit hazy baby.
And you’re a little bit lazy baby.
It’s crazy. (Yeah, yeah)

I’m living.  I’m wild.  I’m free.
You’re dull, old and grumpy.
It drives me crazy. (Oh, oh)

Pain is steady, what can we do?
Forever and anew
I’m so withdrawn.
I’m going to be happy once you’re gone.


East Coast

Lana Del Rey West Coast
The night is sultry
The night is sultry

Our eyes are lovely
Our hearts are hungry

Under the stars
Blanket of stars

The city lights
Washington Heights

Vanilla skin
Vanilla skin

Melts on mine
Swells on mine

A slow chorus
A slow chorus

Freshly fine
Every time


Video For WordPress!

Excuse the uh’s. 

I mean, what else can I say during pauses?  *Someone ballsy shouts off in the dark distance from the land of pure absence and states SAY NOTHING!*  Uh’s can get pretty annoying.  Surely I’m aware of this.  And at the same time a round of a FUCK YOU goes out to that person who prefers for me to keep shut rather than voice an Uh.  Hah!

I wonder if I could ever get used to whipping up one of these silly videos more often.  I’ve done some Training Videos in the past.  But they weren’t good at all!  Just one working set of an exercise.  I’m not video/edit smart nor am I truly confident on anything live…so I tell myself.

Awkward, no?!  I think YES! 😉


I also did another Video for my Xanga blog.  And if anyone could guess one thing different (besides the most obvious!) about the two videos.. I’ll give you a prize.  Name it!  Warning:  May the prize be appropriate, cheap or free.  I kid!


Easily Becoming One of my Favorites

Dana Linn Bailey is her name. And I like the thickness she has on her body. I like the stacks of weights she can perform with good form and control. And just when you think it couldn’t get better, she has these cable type cuffs called The Isolator Fleece Cuffs, I believe. It seems she enjoys destroying her favorite body part: Back like I do. Once again this is a video that has pumped me up to do some good shit later on.  I hope it has pumped you as well. 😉


Video: Doesn’t This Pump You Up?

It sure does me!

Whenever I’m feeling a little low on the vibration of motivation, I can turn to videos I know will spark up and rev the engine in my bleeding heart. Quite interesting how in the beginning of this video Haley answers a question with a question: “Why wouldn’t somebody want to be big? I don’t understand.” I fucking agree! Which leads me to go off on my own rant… I like to call Pennington’s Briefs.

On the case about Women: What I don’t understand is why women want to look like thin rail supermodels? Why are they always trying to fit into skinny jeans when (most likely) women are taking the visions and fashion advice from gay thin males? Why wouldn’t women want to be strong so they can defend themselves in case someone came along and tried to mug or God Forbid rape them? Why are women so comfortable playing the card of the victim? Why does a woman feel she have to impress/be fearful/remain a good gal by allowing a male’s ego to be boastful and full of masculinity? Is this the only way she can feel secure, by allowing her man to be all the things she wouldn’t dare to be? Why wouldn’t these women want to pride themselves on their own strength: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?

On the case of Men: What I don’t understand is why are there so many men in the world who are overweight but don’t comprehend that they have no right to be? First reason being: Men don’t carry 3 basketballs within their stomach only to give birth to children in the end? I’ve never met a guy who can give birth. Have you? Why are men obese when their hormones don’t fluctuate nearly (as much) as women, nor do men hold 8% essential body fat compared to women? Why are men completely comfortable with exposing their bellies? They get undressed and wear it like a badge of honor (like Buddha) among the streets with their hands folded as it lies on top of their bellies as if it were a coffee table? Seriously, what the fuck is that?

If I were a man, knowing how simple it is to get muscle due to high levels of testosterone I wouldn’t fuck around. I’d be in the gym day in and day out building (as how I’m doing now).  And if I were a man and I didn’t sport muscles I would be embarrassed to call myself a man, even if I brought home the bacon, spend time with my wife/kids and have solutions to almost any problem in the world. The definition of a man is to display a hardbody, is to perform physical labor, is to flaunt around your strength, not your gut. So, again, what’s wrong with everyday regular men? Oh I know: They’re a bunch of flaccid dicks who prefer to watch their favorite athletes/superheros do what they could never achieve themselves. Simply because they’re too fucking lazy! What fuckin losers?

And women. Tsk. Tsk. They have a lot of growing out of centuries to do!

To all my men who want to look and live like real He-Men, who are striving to be athletes no matter what age.. To all my women who refuse to live like victims who want to stand out of society, who want to better themselves physically with productive strength and accomplishments.. living in and out the gym, sweating the fat, sugars, carbs out, who are growing beastly arms and legs, who are dieting, who are looking to be ripped and shredded or be bigger than Arnold or Heath. My fucking heart and soul goes out to you’s. I know how hard it is, how many years it takes, how much discipline goes down the bodysculpting hole. I love YOU guys! And the rest..who’s going to notice them? They’re on their fucking couch watching Kobe, A-Rod, Batman wasting away anyhow. 😉


Jump Jump!

Jump your heart out!  Jump all the demons about!

Since I’ve been a bit limited on what I can do (upper body wise)..I’ve entered Cardio in the form of Intervals using a jump rope.  This has skyrocketed my heart rate as usual and has brought me back to the state I like to be with when it comes to my beats per minute.  I tend to be anal about this especially if I feel I’m lacking on my endurance and stamina for any reason at all.  No one likes to feel out of shape, gasping for air when they’re performing cardio, even those who are out of shape..( <–those just tend to be more comfortable with the idea).

Last night I broke the record, going from 182bpm to 205 MAX a few days later!  I was quite happy, amused and felt accomplished.  And as my teacher always said in fifth grade “Whenever you do something great or get an answer right don’t forget to pat yourself on the back.  Never ever be afraid or embarrass to pat yourself on the back.”  So I patted.  I wish I remembered this teacher’s name.  I wish he knew that years later I could still think back and thank him for filling my ears with esteem.

I digress. 

Why have I been jumping rope in the first place?  The first reason is due to the fact I’ve been training my Legs quite hard to where it takes me 2-4 days to recover.  So going to the gym to perform steady state cardio for a whole 40 minutes to an hour just seems a bit pointless, not to mention extra pain with all the stretching, contracting and sitting or standing on all types of machines.  To counter this and to up the intensity out of the gym and shorten the duration, I decided to purchase a jump rope for home.

Now this rope has been a charm to an extent, okay!  It’s fantastic in the sense that it revs up your engine and literally can burn up to 1000 calories in a whole hour.  In 15 minutes you can burn 300-500 calories.  All a big dependent on how much work and effort you’re willing to put in.  Probably the best thing with the jump rope is the ability to take it just about anywhere with you.  Just drop it in your bag and go to a park, go into the street or in the lobby of your building and rope the bitch out.  This is perfect!  Not for nothing, you know how resistance bands are awesome for putting in your bag when you’re traveling..well, what can beat a jump rope for extra cardiovascular work?  Nothing!

Not to mention jump rope teaches you how to balance, remain in one steady spot, enhances your agility, endurance, stamina, coordination, timing and rhythm.  And, yes it can be quite fun, especially when you have flashbacks of jumping-rope with the neighborhood kids!  One of the things that makes jump-roping fun is being able to perform many different variations and tricks once you get into the rhythm of the rope dance.  I like to do small lunges, hop side to side, skip jumping forward/backwards, hopping on one foot then switching as if I’m doing a standing calf raise, to jumping jacks (where you’re opening and closing your legs in and out).

Some of my goals with the rope is to be able to perform:  The criss-cross, double and triple jumps.  Also to be in top condition with my rounds being 3 minutes on for jumping and 1 minute for resting and repeating this for 30 minutes straight.  What are we without little simple goals? 😉

The many variations of jumping rope make it fun as hell.  Plus this makes the time go by quick especially when you’re doing 30 second intervals and 30 seconds rest for 15-20 minutes.  I may do 2 sessions of this in a day with a smile on my face because I know that a cardio equipment can’t burn nearly as much as a jump rope (except running…but who wants to run with sore ass glutes and legs? ).

But because in my head I envision myself to be an athlete..a boxer..another MMA champion training for an upcoming title when I’m performing with the rope…why not make a whole game out of it? ..WHEN I CAN….because it makes everything better…because motivation works however one can make it so.  Whatever works for you I always say.  Now here are some awesome videos of some cool ass tricks that are beyond my thought process starting with this guy:

Now take a look at the Jump Rope Championships.  This left my mouth wide open.  How the hell?  What I truly wonder is how many years does it take to practice this and be this FUCKING GOOD?  Not good.  But FUCKING AMAZING!  Note this is a TEAM!  They make it look effortless.  DOH!  I completely admire their amazing ability.  I mean, I can’t even imagine how much dedication and discipline this took?  How many fucking years?

Did you enjoy it? 

So far I notice a few different things with rope jumping.. like how it tends to be hard on the ankles and feet especially if you’re upping the rope turns in full speed.  When beginning to jump rope I do not recommend to do it more than 2 times a week or over 15-20 minutes at a time, unless you’re a runner and have built up the foot and ankle muscles.  Building up these foot muscles tend to take at least 3-4 weeks.

Many people will say it’s easy to jump rope.  But this isn’t so.. for the people who don’t have good timing or have a hard time receiving shock from their ankles and shins.  Sure when you feel the shock, you may or may not feel it at the given moment.  But trust me when I say the very next day you may very well feel it in each of your metatarsals and wonder in the beginning, “What made me decide to jump rope so vigorously?”  O for the love!

Don’t try to be a boxer.  But enjoy the dance of the rope.  Just vibe to it like a jam you love from the youthful childhood days.  Give way!


Video of the Week: PUNCHED!

This is what I want to do every single day to at least 50-100 people.  Sometimes I want to do it to half the fucking people of the world in a single day. When I’m up and about dealing with the world, when I’m performing my customer top-notch service I just want to punch motherfuckers forever and forever!

They don’t have to be eating. They just have to exist on Planet Earth, standing there, looking at the ceiling, breathing, dazing out or sitting on a piece of fitness cardio equipment. And I roll up on them and BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMM bitches! Motherfuckers! I hate this damn planet! 😉

And in Forest Gump‘s profound line: “And that’s all I have to say about that.”