Here are a load of photos that show me at my ups and down’s.  I literally will stay on a diet for almost a year and than get off it shortly after.  But this is mostly my journey of all the stages I’ve been through thus far starting since 2007.   I go from building, to getting leaner.  Than I head into what I call a Fitness Peak, than back to gaining size and building again.  What I haven’t done is truly shred and cut up my muscles to the point of having a lower percentage of body fat and maintaining a specific level.

Take note this doesn’t mean I wasn’t training since 2003 with lots of trials, errors and injuries at a whopping 210lbs and eating the world.  This just means during 2007 I made it a point to commit further to training harder in the gym.  It’s still a shit load of work and it’s still all a test on patience in itself.  I won’t even get into discipline here or what troubles I have with my mind and nutrition not being in sync most of the time.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy my road from imperfection to perfection since it’s all a work in progress.  Thanks for stopping by, by the way. 😉

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