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Twitter – This is where anything goes about my day/night, good/bad/horrible thoughts and moods.   Not to mention when I train or even what workout program I’m currently doing.   Also sex, training tips, food/instagram photos, inspirational quotes and all.   A wide range of mixture and never really a dull moment.

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Tumblr – From my understanding Tumblr is a snapshot type of deal as oppose to an authentic blog.   Aside from my WordPress and Xanga communities with actual subjects and topics to thought-or-feeling provoke a person, I’ve decided to make this a place for me to show all the big little and little big things in Life I enjoy like ballet, fitspo, crossfit, training videos, food porn, quotes and poetry to name a few.

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YouTube – Are you interested in how  I look like in short 30 second clips of a workout?   This is the place to go!   I’m very shy and haven’t talked much in front of the camera as of yet.   But I’m working on this.   If anyone has suggestions for what I can Vlog about or on how to make my camaera-shy madness go away.  Let me know! 😀

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Facebook – I have a private page called Training Life Challenges where we do one exercise of the month just to keep things like physical activity moving along nicely in your life with no gym required.   If you want in just ask.   It’s a very small group but for the most part the support is good.

Instagram (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Instagram.  I just recently got on board with this.   To follow, my username is – yup – you guessed it:  Pennington_Hall.   I tend to put up food, me working out, random wisdom written on park benches or spray-painted on concrete, super friendly editions where I may expose some cleavage or even engage in quad flexing.   It’s all a matter on my mood as everything else.  The good thing is there’s always something new on there. I think? 😉


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