Burst A Bubble: It’s All In The Acting!

Ever been with a woman, who of course, was appealing to your eyes, her skin smooth as satin, her lips smooth as nothing you ever felt, her voice intoxicating as if  the word sex took on it’s own meaning and created a voice ever so true, her hands succulent because they’re gliding on all the naughty parts of which you deliver..

You’re wondering why, “Oh My God this feels INCREDIBLE” and “I’ve never felt this way before the way my sperm shoots like rockets onto the space of the enchanted bed board” and “Oh my I would marry this lady if only she allowed me to.”  So you penetrate her like you were churning the last butter of the world for the millions starving with crystal flooding eyes.  You eat her body like a succubus eats the men of pounding flesh.

And well, none of you men realize what the fuck is happening?

And this is why you have a Real Woman like me Pennington that’s at your service to bring you the truth about shit.  To burst your fantasies, to burst your disillusioned thinking.  Besides the obvious of what’s actually happening like “Wow this is the first time I’ve ever had sex” and “Oh this is the first time I’ve slept with a really hot and amazing bodied lady” and “Finally this is the alcohol everyone was talking about that allowed this chick to slip her panties off!”

Something any man can look over, since most men look themselves over to begin with is..

We women know what men want.  Not because we’re born with a built-in system to understand how simple, or bet yet, how brainless most of them are to begin with.  But because there’s PORN everywhere.  Soft porn on a teenager’s show like Gossip Girl.  Cable porn where the gals are constantly dancing, whipping their hair like they have lice and biting their lips as if they’re hungry for real food!  Not to mention hardcore porn.  Seems like everyone is into abusing the opposite sex nowadays.

But if there’s one thing I picked up off every single porn I find on Billboards in Times Square and on advertisements in the Train Stations.. it’s that I should be taking lessons from the whores who play whores.  They are whores because they act out men’s fantasies.  And what better way then to take lessons from a man who pays and directs them to act in such a poisonous way.

The best sex you’re having with that hot female is all a fucking act!

I know this for a fact because ONE this is what they do in all porn, movies, sitcoms and the like.  And TWO whenever I tested this phenomenon for example:  Throwing my back into the most arch-raising performance it seems my partner is in a frenzy, completely believing I’m absolutely addicted to his touch.  The times when I moan extra or louder, or in a teenage squeak he pumps better then if I moaned under wraps.

Everything is about creating sex as exaggerated as fucking possible.
This will guarantee you a better sex life instantly.