Documentary: Pulling John

One word: Wow!

First off I know nothing about arm wrestling.  Except that it involves arms and you need techniques to get by.  Now that we got that out the way, all I know is that arm wrestling is exciting!  How exciting?  Let’s just say I wasn’t expecting this sport documentary to have my adrenaline boost to edgy nervousness within the first 5 minutes of the film.  I also wasn’t expecting to fall hopelessly in love with the subject at hand and the three amazing guys they follow on the journey.  Nor did I know that at least 120 countries actually compete in arm wrestling.

On the flip side I had no idea how arm wrestling isn’t necessarily all about brute and muscle strength.  Or about being the bigger size person, say Thor.  Or arm density.  Or arm mass.  Or large tendons.  Or hand grip.  Or hand size.  Or reaction time.  Or wrist endurance.  Or even good referees.  Better yet going through a tournament, taking on many different competitors until you’re finally the one on top within the same day (I’m uncertain on how many hours?) is downright ludicrous.  Imagine the arm/mental/stamina and physical strength that takes.  I’m sinking in my panties just thinking about it.

You meet John Brzenk, the main character.  He doesn’t appear superhuman, not by his size, not by the calm collected look in his eyes.  But by the twenty-five years of his arm wrestling career.  Let’s just say, well, it speaks for itself:  Unbeatable.  Now is he to relish in a stellar streak forever as he questions his age and retirement to the sport itself?  Or will the hot-headed powerhouse American Travis Bagent or the muscular beast with good morals from Russia (who’s very good-looking) Alexey Voevoda snatch John Brzenk’s title?

You’re just going to have to find out.  On a final note however, the other other best thing about this film is just how easy it flows with it’s storytelling, how every champion is introduced from family to the arm wrestling sport itself, to a hint of their training and so on.  John, Travis and Alexey bring different qualities and traits to the film itself.  Ultimately Pulling John lures you (I know it did me) in and keeps you at suspense right to the very end.

Watch this film if you like good documentaries or good movies.  If you’re into the Training or Fitness Life.  If you need motivation and extra inspiration to take you to new heights mentally, spiritually or physically.  If you like to look at strong people tackle other strong people.  If you like your blood boiling.  If you’re a fan of any sport.  If you like fun and refreshing topics.  If you get excited over competitions.  Than watch this!  Otherwise skip this movie if you’re a punk ass bitch and have shitty taste in movies anyway.  😉


I’m so moved by Pulling John that I want to learn about arm wrestling and perhaps even train for it.



Since January, being sick on and off and dealing with a strain-like shoulder injury since December has been wearing and clawing at my esteem.   Or is it ego?

Whenever some dilemma comes my way trying to dent my Training or Health for that matter, I get too fucking anxious for my own good!   My peace seems to acquire no sleep.   Seems I start to breakdown and blow rotten egg scents out my ass like stupid exhaust pipes.  Not fucking cool!

The good thing today thus far is I had the honor and privilege of wonderful people coming to my aid giving me advice with warm wishes attached.   I love the positive and joyful things for all.. is not lost.   But I’ am feeling discouraged.   And I know this feeling all too well.   I’ll just do my best not to look it’s way.   It’s not needed and I shouldn’t invite it in.   FML!

Last thought:  I have to make a decision based on this Shoulder.  It seems the typical solution is to visit the doctor..  Hah!..  (That’s becoming a habit every couple of years.  There’s only so much pain you can work through an exercise)..  is to let my shoulder heal, which means no upper body for a month or more.  I’ve gone through this in the past with my elbow and ulna.  I allowed my ego to get in the way of things.  Hehe.  Sharp pains shooting up my pinky, forearm whenever I lifted a weight or tried to arm wrestle.  This prevented me from continually heightening my progress.  So, of course I fear this may happen again.. though I know more about Fitness and the Training Life now.  But emotions, sometimes it’s hard to be in control of every single feeling.  Sometimes it’s hard not to be a human.  I wrestle sometimes with certain demons.

Unfortunately, this shit has me biting my nails. I’m moody as hell. I’m a little depress. Just the thought of not training my upper body is like a crack head out of money, out of drugs and is wondering when and where is it going to get it’s next hit from?