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Rummaging Gym Eyes

marvel rummagng eyes
Before I begin, I rummage with my eyes a cold grill with the intent to feed on anyone who steps in my personal space.  Anyone who glares at me from a distance gets the fuck you look as well because I share this gym with the rest of everybody.  I forge my right to be here by the numbers, by the purpose of colossal concentration, by the visualization of the day and the body action at night.  I grip the steel of the dumbbell and I surge with immeasurable power before a single rep has been executed or an exercise exercised.  It all starts in the mind.

It may be the luck of being a woman, or a dependent on the man, who stands in front of me, but, there are times where I display my puppy dog eyes big and wide and remain uncomplaining, waiting by a bench like a sit dog sit until their hearts soften and they pass the bench along to me entirely without a moments hesitation.  I thank the stranger and smile with a queen’s happiness and during his training session I’ll boost his ego (and he’ll train harder) for being nice to me by staring him up and down attentively while he strengthens his temple.

Now I’m seated with an angry face and underneath my baggy shirt from the mirror I can see my muscles working, how glorious they look, tenacious, pumped and embellished.  To the left of me, I gaze at my arm in motion, performing an incline bicep curl nonchalant as taking a selfie in public.  To the right of me, an array of men peers onward with a combination of riddled emotions and contemplated expressions.

And in the background, there’s a woman highly amused by the numbers on the weight I’m lifting.  She can’t for the life of her stop looking at my face and the unleashing of effort that cannot be contained.  She can’t stop watching the way I grate my lips with violent teeth noticing how my mouth turns sweltering red when I come close to failure.

Who knows if it’s out of delight
she observes or
if the very thought
of my passion
gives her nausea
through her eyes?


Workout Reflection

She-Ra0                                                               Use the force!

Before I get into this post I want to say that ever since Xanga decided to fuck me by taking away my other Pennington_Hall blog I’ve stopped making my workout log entries.  I never intended to log into WordPress the way I’ve done on Xanga.  For the current moment and until I make a choice on whether or not I want to create a new WordPress for the sole purpose of comfort for now I’ll attempt to find my logging groove back and try it on here tonight.  Hope you enjoy.

Tonight I was very angry.  My trainer Dark Knight stood me up without even notifying me.  Sometimes when you get into tiny dilemmas with the person who’s also your lover, well, things happen.  I’ll work the kinks out within the next few days and I’ll make sure to be a bitch about it to him then.  Still the positive to this downside is it gave me extra fuel to write up my own workout of the night as I kicked each gym member out to close down the gym.

Once the gym lights automatically go out I make sure to get my light-bulb extension and hang it up where I’m going to be stationed and rock this body of mine.


(In order.  All Supersets between Upper/Lower 4 sets a piece.)

Standing Shoulder Dumbbell Press (Engaging Core/Glutes)
Walking Lunges with Dumbbells
Wide Bicep Curls (E-Z Bar)
Dumbbell Bench Squats (Top of ass grazing the bench)
Push ups (Hand placement wide)
Good Mornings (Medium and narrow stance)
Seated Rows (2 different grips/attachments)
Hip Thrusts (45lb plate)
*Sissy Squats (Bodyweight. 20 reps per set)

Reflection –

I felt good the first few rounds back and forth with Pressing and Walking Lunges.  Of course I pyramid the weight because that’s how I’ve always trained.  By the time I got to the next 2 exercises for Biceps and Bench Squats I was literally dying.   My face was flushed, my head felt like it grew a few inches and was about to explode to the point where I had to take off my headphones to really zero in on each exercise, feel the reps, contraction, movement, along with every sensation my body was letting me in on.  I had to make sure everything was full quality.

Halfway in the workout right after the first 4 exercises I texted my Partner In Crime with, “I don’t know if I can make it to the next 4 exercises and superset them the way I’ve been.  I’m hot and I’m dying.”  And he boosted me with, “I know how you are and that’s not going to stop you from trying.  That’s why you’re the best.”  Never mind the “Keep up the good work,” “You’re hot.  You’re the sexiest bitch around” and “I like when you sweat” and “You’re a turn on baby.  I like the way you make your workouts sound!”  SIMPLY PUT this was all the motivation I needed to keep my fire going.

Despite the fact I was fighting the ill feelings of vomiting throughout, fighting against the A/C not being on once the automatic lights shuts off in the gym, anger from one lover while the other lover quickly boosted my morale, well, things seemed to work out for my training session this evening and I couldn’t ask for more.  I felt peaceful and all my life tensions were going away with each rep.

After I finished up the next 4 and final exercises with the supersets I felt froggy and although I didn’t add any more exercises to my paper besides the 8 I decided to add 80 Sissy Machine Squats.  My body was shaking.  I was thriving.  I was still using anger as fuel and even though I felt dizzier and dizzier during the whole ordeal I just had to give it a bit more.

Plus I’ve been looking for that Sissy Squat machine for over a month and NOW it finally decides to show up.  This was the first time I used it and made sure to work the fuck out of it before even thinking about exiting the gym.  Tonight I’ll YouTube to see the various ways I can use this Sissy Squat Machine.

Happy Training!