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A Real Gym

I believe in the kinds of gyms that are supposed to be grungy-looking with a profound dungeon-feel.  The one that kick-starts your central nervous system by the dilation of the eyes as you enter it, where it’s fairly loud with metal clanking and comes across intimidating on various levels, where grunts run, no lunk alarms, along with sprinkled friendliness and ironhood, where the air is thick with the sweat and blood of like-minded individuals who come to the gym for assorted reasons but all remain for one in particular:  To obtain gains.

So those people who complain about stinky gyms, towels on the floors, weights never being racked, who are too busy staring at their cell-phones than glancing at their workout program, who become unfocused by the sheer silhouette of a man or woman, who don’t know a single difference between a front versus a back squat or grumble about how the gym isn’t pretty enough because it’s missing the state-of-the-art equipment make me, to be honest, want to vomit in their goddamn mouths.  FUCK THEM!

Look, I understand it’s all about the personality and the behavior and the perspective and the yada yada of a person.  But I always dreamt of going to the gym I recently signed up with, just shy of two weeks and where I started training at 2 days ago.  It’s a gym that’s successfully nerve-racking by Hammer Strength eye-popping jazzy blue machines that look like smaller versions of Transformers.  These transformers are all set at center stage of the gym itself, so no matter what spot you’re in you’re feeling the next guy’s super-buff energy entering your personal space.  You have a few choices:  Cancel your membership, get used to it, or get angry and join the crowd in raging fun!

I want to go into a gym and see freak of natures whether genetically natural or juiced up to resemble a King Kong god!  FUCK walking into a place where everyone knows your name.  I want to be in the gym where everyone knows you by your deadlifts, your escalating numbers, your awe-inspiring training partner and the muscular shadow on the wall.

And now I do!

I’m at a place where the owner knows everyone personally, where he came up to me after I finished a set, shook my hand and said, “If there’s anything you need or any problem you have, tell me and I’ll fix it” while asking about my injured shoulder because we were friends on Facebook before I became a gym member.  He actually took the time to get to know me and read my statuses as I took the time to learn about his gym and even promoted the Powerlifting Competition as a way of saying thank you.

I’m at a place where a naked woman could walk in the center of the gym like the whores in a boxing ring holding up cards of round numbers and the beasts of the gym wouldn’t flinch for shit.  They aren’t there for eye-candy.  It’s not only because there’s a handful of women around but because they’re there for serious gains.  I’m at a gym where men rock colorful tights and rock big bulges during their million snatch performances.

I’m at a place where I asked one of the lifters, “What’s your favorite body part to train?”  And he single-handedly states, “Squats.”  Favorite body part to train?  Well, we don’t think under these terms.  And I get it.  So, this lets me know I’m in the right place.  I’m among the like-minded individuals.

On the same day I chatted up one of the hardcore females at this new gym and she mentioned she takes Tae Kwon Do (in the vicinity), sparred with a guy, broke her finger and the master put it back into place like nothing.  Apparently, she took that shit like a champ! – where another woman at another gym club would have fucking sued!  I’m going to say only flaccid soft penises and soft pussies sue.  Unless of course the gym didn’t do anything to take care of you in every way possible, then they deserve to get sued.

Still I’m at a place where there’s camaraderie, it’s a respected community, whether young or old, big beer-belly or slim-twig.  We’re all are at a common ground.  Rather than dirty looks and gymtimidation, guys come up to me and out of the blue offer me chalk for my deadlifts.  One guy saw me taking off the first two 45lb plates with 6 more to go on a High-Iso Hammer Strength transformer machine.  Unexpectedly for me, he came by and said, “Let me help you” and he just took off the rest.

So I’m at a place where I need to get used to countless plates being on benches, Squat Racks and Hammer Strength machines but it’s okay because I feel I belong here.  I trained with as many plates as possible when I first started training back in 2003 and some people wonder why I’m strong.  *Sings* I started from the bottom now I’m here.  (I hate that fucking song!)  But maybe I need to train like how I used to in the beginning; stacking plates so I can maintain my motivation?

My current theme lately on this blog as you can see is how I’m lacking motivation.  So much so, I’ve been thinking about taking a hiatus for a few months away from the gym.  I’m still reflecting and speculating on the countless reasons as to why I may want to do this.  One of the biggest reasons why I thought about this break from the gym is because I’m tired of forcing myself into the gym for the past few months with zero motivation.

However, being in this new gym and training among a crew of cool powerlifters and bodybuilders, I’m starting to think I can turn this attitude over.  I can be motivated again because this is where I need to be and like the gym owner told me, “We need the gym even if it’s to keep hope alive.”


Splashes of Workout

There are some folks who would like to see (or who read with the sole purpose ->) of what exercises I’ve do/done, what reps, how many sets, how much weight, etc.  And though of course it’s always exciting to read what others do… it never really seems to be what a person may have thought?  Call it Expectation?  Call it over-analytical thinking?  Or perhaps ones eyes could bulge..and be surprised?   Well, I thought to just throw in some things I’ve done this year before I had to take major time off from my Upper Body.  This will mostly include my Machine/Dumbbell work/exercises.

Most of these workouts are done until I completely exhaust myself (because there’s no other way for me) and I wouldn’t tell anyone to go ahead and do multiple sets (or hit failure) unless their able to/want to or tend to use the same anger I have to fuel you/them all the way.  Not that I think these workouts are fantastic per say.  Just I know how easy it is to want to duplicate someone’s work because you admire them or something to that nature.  I’ve done this many times over the years myself.

Also, there are folks in the circle of my life who believe I do too much.  I don’t think.  I perform.  There are some people who can argue that there’s no such thing as overtraining and it’s a myth.  While others believe in the body of it all and perhaps giving the Central Nervous System a break.  Lord knows everyone’s favorite monster is lurking.  Cortisol, anyone?  To each their preference.

Sometimes these workouts connect.  Sometimes they don’t.  Sometimes I go in with the mindset to destroy myself and my body for the next few days.  Sometimes I work on weaknesses.  Sometimes I work according to my energy levels (since it does happen.. I may have not had the chance to eat as much as I should have) and mood levels.  Sometimes I work on things I want to bring up on like a deeper cut in my Calve/Soleus muscle.  However, I just want to make the point how no one should take my workouts literal in anyway. 😉


Lat-Pulldown (Narrow)
40lbs x15, 55lbs x12, 70lbs x12, 85lbs x12, 110lbs x8 reps
Seated Row (Close-Grip)
40lbs x12, 55lbs x 12, 70lbs x12, 85lbs x12, 100lbs x8 reps
Seated Row (Wide-Grip)
40lbs x12, 55lbs x12, 70lbs x12 reps
Cable Rope Rear Delt Rows
30lbs x12, 40lbs x12, 50lbs x12 reps
Straight-Arm Pulldowns with Rope
25lbs x12, 30lbs x12, 40lbs x12
One-Arm Dumbbell Row
22.5lbs x10, 25lbs x8, 30lbs x6, 35lbs x4 reps

Cardio 20 minutes
Abdominal 50 Butt-ups

My warm up was 5 minutes on the Elliptical.  And none of these exercises beat my personal best numbers since by this time my right arm, anterior part of the shoulder and the back part where the Teres Minor allowed me to only do so much.  I worked through the pain every single time.  I’m a naughty gal. Taking the high road, well, it could be applied to this as well.  Stop working through the fucking pain!  You get no rewards.  You get no-free-out-of-gym-injury cards.  Just physical therapy and loads of time off from what you’re trying to achieve.  Also I don’t like working my abs out.  It’s like sporadic when I do.  Trust me.


Bicep Curls (Not Alternating)
10lbs x 15, 12.5lbs x 12, 12.5lbs x12, 15lbs x12
Hammer Curls (Not Alternating)
Same as above
Incline Bicep Curls (Not Alternating)
10lbs x15, 12.5lbs x 15, 15lbs x12 reps
One-Arm Preacher (On Machine)
20lbs x15, 30lbs x12, 30lbs x12
Tricep Kickbacks With Dumbbell
10lbs x15, 12.5lbs x15, 15lbs x12, 17.5lbs reps x12
Rope Pushdown
30lbs x12, 40lbs x12, 50lbs x12, 60lbs x12
Tricep Short Bar Pushdown
40lbs x12, 50 x12, 60 x12, 70lbs x12 reps
Tricep Extension (On Machine)
30lbs x12, 40lbs x12, 50lbs x12 reps

I warm up with light ass weights, not with a cardio machine for this particular day.  But during this time just doing my biceps meant working through the pain.  As it made sense when the Physical Therapist told me I have Bicipital Tendonitis.  Where the long bicep head and the anterior part of the shoulder was hurting like a bitch.  So I kept the weight low but no rest in between and this created the lactic acid I desired.  The next day I felt tremendous and the DOMS was truly fucking to die for!  Sometimes I can’t believe what light weight can actually do.  I’m reminded once again:  It’s not about how much you lift.  But the intensity in which you do lift.  Again, no records here either.

Walking Lunges 100 reps
Smith-Machine Glute Squats (Feet Way Out in Front Back Super Straight)
75lbs x12, 85lbs x10, 95lbs x10, 110lbs x8
Leg Press (Narrow)
270lbs x10, 305lbs x10, 315lobsx10, 325lbsx10, 350lbs x10, 390lbs x8 reps
Seated Leg Curl
70lbs x10, 80lbs x10, 90lbs x 6 1/2, 95lbs x5 (New Record)
Leg Extensions
110lbs x10, 130lbs x10, 140lbs x8, 160lbs x5 reps
Single Leg Squat (On Leg Press Machine)
65lbs x10, 70lbs x10, 75lbs x10 (New Record)
Speed Squats 100 reps
Calve Raise (On Leg Press Machine)
120lbs x20, 130lbs x20, 140lbs x20
Soleus Extension
70lbs x20, 80lbs x20, 90lbs x20Cardio: 1 mile Light Jog Treadmill
Abs Crunch Machine 40lbs x 25 reps 4 x
Standing Oblique Wiggles(Side Bends) 4 x 25 reps


P.S. Excuse the strange typos in this post.  I tried countless times to change this and still it remains with an error.  And I’m tired and must try and get 3 hours of sleep before I open the gym.  The usual.