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You were the one who first broke my heart.
It was because of you I learned to make pain an art.
I’m the light, but I live in the dark.
I’m the light, but I live in the dark.
I never knew I needed love until I ached,
Until I was shaped by every escape.
In kindergarten, I dropped many tears
On the pages of my homework and always
Handed it in without a world of care.
I never knew I needed to be loved until I saw
everyone else’s parents loved them back, in awe.
In awe, I was. In awe I was because I saw.
I carried around anger like my lifeline.
And I never held it against the divine.
And I never questioned if I was good enough.
I was, despite the hefty handcuffs.
I vowed to not be like you in so many ways.
I’ve set blaze to many things under your name.

And I still don’t have a heart the way I ought to.
And I sit facing entrances, never giving my back to a view.
And many of my feelings are dead and sometimes ill-advised.
And it doesn’t matter how I tread, I can’t disguise the chill in my eyes.
And the anger I kept has evaporated nearly now that you’re gone.
Permanence is never permanent, and somehow I found a way to live on.
Your body in the coffin was as real as when I imagined it at twelve.
That was the last time I cried and put my feelings on the bookshelf.
The numbness I contained up until that day released at your wake.
I didn’t understand with every preparation came a new defense,
It’s almost as if everything in life made sense, and yet not at all.


Happy 56th Birthday.  You’re infinite now.

Write In The Dark

I’m looking at today’s date and am dumbfounded by where the days have went.  This past month has been super busy for me.  Still my goal every month is to write no little than 5-7 entries.  But the real goal is to write a few entries a week.  Sometimes I hit the goal.  Sometimes I don’t, sadly.  When I don’t write here, believe me, I’m writing elsewhere.

Once in a while I’ll share on here, except I remix the post in it’s entirety.  The reason why I do this is because many loyal readers have access to many of my other blogs besides this one and I never like for them to read the same thing twice.  Plus once I write about something, I gather even more insight to what I was hoping to convey.

Anyhow to try and make up for lost time I’m going to share some personal poetry of mine starting with “Write in the Dark”.  I hope you enjoy.

Eat it up
Those words that were said
The joy within dread
Those years that were up
Thin but plump
Those years brought down
Hovered in and out
Eat it up
I won’t stay the night
I won’t be around
I won’t make a sound
I won’t pick a fight
Love is O so heavy now

And I will vow
To write alone in the dark

I find an enemy in everything
In the melody of songs
In wacky summer flings
In the kind word swing of a perfect stranger
In the look my mother gave
That mentioned nothing major
Eat it up
I won’t be around
I won’t make a sound
I won’t pick a fight
Love is O so heavy now

And I vow
To write alone in the dark